Bathing dress Car Wash

Bikini Car Wash

All of us have watched lots of car wash scenes. Some stand-alone videos, others that are part of a video. In our opinion, this episode ranks up there in the top ten due entirely to the astounding car wash skills of Janet Jade.

We had no idea just how fine that babe was but as in a short time as she got with out the Jeep and started stroking the antenna, we realized this was a million times better than any car commercial that Detroit’s come up with.

One time a week, a car wash van pulls up at SCORE’s offices to watch if any staff wish their rides cleaned, but, despite our fervent prayers, Janet Jade has by no means stepped without the MPV in a bathing suit top and tight shorts.

If Janet ever gives a decision to relocate to warm, sunny Miami from the frozen tundra of Detroit, she could make a bundle laundry cars. In fact, Janet could just wash one car and simply charge admission to view her at work getting her fantastic 38DDDs all soapy and drippy. This upgraded SCORELAND clip is the substantiation, and at not quite Twenty five minutes, it’s quite a wonderful deal. You may detect yourself with a real mess on your hands after watching it and all the blame for that should be squarely placed on Janet. It’s all her fault.

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