Swimsuit Body

Bikini Body

“People always think Oriental gals have slight mounds,” Hitomi said. “But when they watch me, they know that it is not true.”

Hitomi is, without a doubt, one of the high reaching cuties with the greatest swim dress body. This dress is collapsing beneath her insanely sexy figure. The top is not large sufficient so Hitomi’s got some serious under-cleavage going. The hills of California behind her are insignificant compared to the beauty from Tokyo. And now her friend Kaho Shibuya is a SCORE Goddess.

SCORE and Buxom Angels have a strong effect on dudes. Anyone who’s ever met one in person will know what that effect is. The closest expression might be “boob-drunk.”

SCORE editors are not immune. Dave once wrote, “I was nervous about being with Hitomi, even in the presence of others. I have no idea why. I just was. I’ve interviewed and spoken to hundreds of SCORE and Curvaceous beauties, maybe thousands, and I’ve never been nervous. Okay, maybe I was nervous the 1st time, 12 years ago in Key Largo, Florida when my first assignment was to interview Kerry Marie and Lorna Morgan. But since then? Not ever. But for Hitomi, I was nervous.”

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