Bigg discovery!

Bigg discovery!

This was Liza Biggs‘ 1st SCORELAND photo discharge in 2014. When it was published, I wrote, “North Carolina’s Liza Biggs had D-cup milk sacks at 14. This babe hit the letter J when she was Twenty five. As of right now, Liza’s milk shakes are 36JJJ. Liza says she’s still growing and predicts they will acquire larger. Her areolae are humongous at approximately three inches.”

Liza held a diversity of jobs before this babe decided to unveil off her mad body and, a month later, try full-on sex with pro schlong. That babe was an airline stewardess and a sous chef. “I’m Bl-erman. Black and German,” Liza told us.

Liza commented about being a big boobed chef working with dudes in cramped kitchens.

“Sous chefs are kind of like the centre petticoat chaser between the cooks who just got there and the head chef who yells at you all the time. In my chef coat, I just look bulky because it just hangs off my wobblers so it just has the appearance of I’ve a really large belly. So I just look adore a plump woman who’s angry and they tend to just do what I say when I yell. That works for me.

“They think I’m short and I’m bulky. They talk about it all the time, but it doesn’t trouble me. They’ll call me a dwarf and things love that. They’d probably be upset with themselves if they saw my body. They’d probably be adore, ‘Oh, shit! View what you have got going on.'”

Liza has since moved on from being a sous chef.

This is a man-lesson. Never judge a hotty by what she’s wearing. You might be in for a shock.

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