Bathroom, Whoppers & Beyond

Bathroom, Scones & Beyond

Roxee Robinson sleeps undressed and usually showers naked, except now, cuz we asked the bountiful redhead to throw on a sheer suit over a bikini so we could see the fabric stick to her curves and see the outline of her rock hard nipples.

After that, Roxee got down to the muscly and soaped up her stupendous boobs and fingered her luscious cookie as the shower cascaded over her soft flesh.

“I like masturbating with my fingers and my toys,” Roxee said. “I’ve showed u some of my toy collection in some other episode. Some of them are so greater than standard, I cant put it in my face hole. When I know I’m being watched masturbating, it makes me hornier. I love it when the boyz who watch me are stroking their rods. I feel sexier being the lady they wish to copulate.”

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