Bahama Dish

Bahama Beauty

“I’m a beach hotty,” big busted legend Lorna Morgan told. “I adore the beach. I adore the sand. I adore to be warm in any case, even if I’m at home, I adore to be warm. I like to be clothed up really warm if it’s cold or in front of the fire, so I just love the heat. I actually do not burn badly ‘cuz I am very careful.”

This scene was discharged in Eleuthera, The Bahamas. For Lorna, traveling to exotic places was the unsurpassable part of being a model.

“I had a woman agent so I worked for a whilst. And it was a matter of joke ‘cuz she was the one who kept telling me I should do pix, glamour pictures. This babe meant topless and nude. So that babe said, ‘Oh u should truly expose your fullsome funbags. They’re titanic! Come on, take them out for the boys.'”

Lorna took her advice and became an important member of the British Big-Boob takeover. More dudes seemed to fall in love with Lorna than with any other hotty, judging by the kind of emails and letters that Lorna got, and proceeds to get.

“Lorna Morgan is the quintessential V-Girl.
Slender, breasty and absolutely charming.
This babe does not do the naughty and that makes her all the more desirable.
Us V-Men need her virtuous, sensual, sensuous, sexy tanalize.
We don’t urge one more lad dangling around.
We like to fantasy that that babe is ours and ours alone.
This babe is every guy’s buxom dream date.
She is totally flawless.
So don’t lose sight of the single, virtuous, hot mastix for all us excited dreamers.” -J.B.

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