As wicked as I urge to be!

As wicked as I want to be!

“I’m a Mom. I am a truly wonderful angel in the community. I am a very wonderful, fun and fine little angel who does everything proper and a barmy gal who does everything freaky and wild and does my own thing.”

So said miniature ‘n’ full-bosomed GG-cupper Sabrina Linn when she arrived in our studio. I saw one as well as the other sides of this naughty-but-nice (or is that nice-but-naughty?) Mom from Texas within a half 60 minutes after encounter her.

The admirable side: Sabrina telling me about her life and swinging lifestyle, speaking as politely as could be in her cushioned, girly voice. Very ladylike, even when telling me that she’d been a swinger for 20 years and that she’s a fake penis junkie. Pleasant as could be. U could bring her home to meet the parents, even with all of those tattoos and piercings.

The wicked side: Moments after our interview ended, I was about to leave the studio when I looked over to where Sabrina was still sitting…and saw her engulfing off the male woman chaser that babe was about to have sex with. The cameras weren’t rolling. They weren’t even nearby. But Sabrina had her face buried in his crotch, and that babe was clearly enjoying herself. Between sucks, that babe looked over to where I was standing and smiled. Then she went back to sucking.

I’ve viewed that in advance of in our studio–sport screwing when the cameras aren’t rolling–but I haven’t seen it a ton of times. I have watched Sara Jay and a scarcely any others do it. As for Sabrina Linn, this babe was gonna take advantage of each chance this babe had to engulf and screw porn pecker.

“I try to masturbate daily to porn when I wake up to very sexy thoughts,” that babe told me. “I am fully-bisexual and like sex with sweethearts and chaps. I have sex 3 to four times a month. I desire I had it three to four times a day.”

Now that babe can masturbate at home to this clip of her being rammed and creamed on. I am sure this babe already has.

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