Are U Thinking What We’re Thinking?

Are You Thinking What We're Thinking?

“I adore banana,” Arianna said in one of her previous movies, the one in which that babe takes us on a picnic. In the opening pics of this set, the proximity of the banana to her voluminous cleavage leads our minds to make the obvious connection.

“Would u love to fuck my big meatballs with your banana?” Arianna said when we revealed what we were thinking. “I would rather u use what is betwixt your legs.”

Arianna says this babe likes getting tit-fucked not solely because she enjoys the feeling of a shlong between her scones but ‘coz it makes her pleasured.

“Sometimes the man’s cock will disappear, and I know that every female can not do that,” that babe said.

After Arianna finishes with the banana, that babe continues to put on a tit expose that only a cutie who’s built adore her is capable of, self-sucking her nipps, letting her funbags splay over her arms and proudly posing for one of our favourite shots: the tit-to-knee squat (see photo #32). It is a pose that 99.9% of the woman population cant pull off without leaning over…way over. Arianna manages to do it whilst keeping her straight back. So, in more ways than one, that babe has consummate form. With or out of a banana.

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