Angela and the funky screw toy

Angela and the funky shag toy

Those fotos first took a bow in the July 2006 issue of Shapely mag.

“I adore the images where I’m lying back, looking up at the digi camera,” Angela said us. “There is a shop called Adult World near me that sells V-Mag but they are always numerous months behind. So if I wanted this July issue, I would go in around September or something. But I was very horny coz I got this issue in the mail and I did not receive to wait.”

What about the funky toy Angela is using in some of these pictures?

“I liked it. It had all these ridges, and that felt valuable. I asked the photographer if I could keep it and this woman chaser hesitated, but then he let me. So I urge all u boyz to know that I have used this toy at home.”

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