What happens in ladies raiment stores stays in garments stores

What happens in ladies garments stores stays in raiment stores

Annie Swanson, a great V-Mag discovery and a big busted little pixie, starred in her own hit DVD, Paramount Annie Swanson. The basic story was about Annie looking for a job and the sexual adventures each job look for pulled her into. In the first chapter, Annie applies for a job at an adult company that needs phone sex operators and web digital camera girls to play with their colossal whoppers and pink pussies whilst their customers fap off.

In this chapter, part 2, Annie goes for another job managing a ladies’ clothes store. Ana walks in the store, and when Ana and Anna spy every other, they can’t keep their hands to themselves. The store is not doing any business, so the angels have the privacy to receive their vaginas off in a sexually excited lesbo grope fest. So this is what goes on in these ladies clothes boutiques.

Ana was a dunky and big breasted girl-next-door and a swinger who dabbled in porn for a year or so in advance of that babe moved on to other things. That babe was sweet-faced and a worthwhile contrast to more-voluptuously full-bosomed, bigger-chested Annie. This babe lived in Virginia Beach and wrote poetry, rode horses and worked as an animal caretaker. Her plan was to become a veterinarian.

“I’m str8, but I like the occasional headmistress,” told Annie who likewise messed with Lilith and Autumn-Jade. That babe applied to Shapely magazine after she found her boyfriend’s stash of magazines hidden in the washroom. A classic story!

Annie described how she likes her large milk shakes handled.

“I’ve got real sensitive nipps. But sometimes it tickles. I like ’em licked. I do not love Them sucked also much because u indeed can’t feel that. I do not adore Them pinched truly hard. I truly had a lad bite me indeed, really rock hard and I had bruises all over my mounds. Studs get a little carried away. They think ‘coz they’re large they can do more with Them, that they can be rougher with Them. But they’re just as sensitive and delicate as little zeppelins.”

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