Annie Swanson & Ana

Annie Swanson & Ana

“I’ve got real sensitive teats,” gorgeous Annie Swanson told SCORELAND. “I love Them licked. I don’t adore Them sucked likewise much coz u indeed can’t feel that. I do not like ’em pinched truly rigid. Boyz receive a little carried away. They think because they’re large they can do more with Them, that they can be rougher with ’em. But they’re just as sensitive and tender as little pantoons.”

In chapter two of Topmost Annie Swanson, Annie meets with her employment agent and this chab sets her up with another job managing a ladies’ raiment store. The webcamming did not exactly suit Annie last time. Maybe job number two will be more excellent.

Ana walks in the store and browses the racks whilst Annie browses Ana’s rack. The store is empty so the girls have the time and privacy to enjoy a lesbi fling with meatballs and toys. This is what goes on in those ladies clothes boutiques that you can not come into.

Ana was a quiet, dunky and naturally full-bosomed girl-next-door and a swinger who dabbled in porn for about a year. She was a very wonderful match for Annie.

“I’m str8, but I like the occasional female,” said Annie.

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