Alia Learns To Shag

Alia Learns To Fuck

The Mamazons, a lost tribe of big-boobed jungle goddesses have captured four explorers and imprisoned them in a primitive cage. It has the appearance of they’re not plan to make it out in one piece, let alone acquire their hands on the Mamazons’ idol, a stone alleged to bless honeys with big funbags.

Hugo is escorted without the cage and brought to a hut where vicious queen Alexis and her followers, Rachel, Alia and Shyla, are contemplating to look at this alien creature known as “man.” The helpless Hugo is abused and tossed on the ground. Beneath the queen’s watchful gaze, the other Mamazons pull his pants down and investigate his banana. They’ve by no means watched this kind of appendage before and are more than curious about its purpose. What do males do with this? Queen Alexis seems to know. That babe tells them it is for gratifying women, a piece of information that intrigues this man-less settlement.

Alexis asks for the doctor to be brought to her for questioning and Alia is ordered to return Hugo to the cage, but that babe takes him instead to a secluded area away from the other Mamazons. Cutting his bonds, this babe trips him to the ground and jumps the surprised Hugo. Seeing schlong for the first time has activated a basic instinct in Alia and now she wants as much jungle meat as that babe can get.

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