Alexis & Luna

Alexis & Luna

Scottish bawdy cleft meets American wet crack in this scene from Chapter One of Utmost Alexis May. Alexis and Luna got jointly for a girl date that combined fingers, tongues and Doc Johnson toys in soaked face holes and tight vaginas until pleasurable exhaustion place in. They got along chest worthwhile and even resembled each other to a degree.

Alexis was 21 years aged when she came to the States from Glascow to discharge for SCORE. There was nothing she didn’t already know about sex with studs and angels and about porn. This babe was already a filthy bird.

“I used to lead a double life previous to my parents discovered out what I was doing,” Alexis told. “They thought I was still a legal office worker and living with my husband. In fact I was doing porn and living with my partner. We had a giant fight and he basically told my Mom and daddy to come pick me up from the flat we were living in, and then he said ’em. When I started living at home one more time, my parents obviously knew I was not a legal receptionist anymore, and that was kind of strange.”

Alexis described how this babe liked her love tunnel licked.

“Don’t stick to one place all the time. Move around. Up and down my lips, then on my clit, then around, even away from my slit. And stick a finger or two in my fur pie, preferably two, and work it in and out while eating my snatch. Don’t acquire too rough. Cushioned licks are best. I adore it rough on my fullsome funbags and downy on my clit.”

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