Alanna & The BBC

Alanna & The BBC

Alanna Ackerman enjoys some quality time on the BBC. The large dark-skinned 10-Pounder. The sultry brunette fills her face hole. She takes it deep in the pink. And that babe takes it up her widen dark-skinned hole.

What does Alanna like about anal that’s unlike vaginal?

“With vaginal sex a ladies man has to hit the right spots for it to feel wonderful, but with ace shag there is not much work required from the woman chaser to give me enjoyment,” Alanna said. “There are so many nerves there that just go bonkers when I’m getting it slow or rock hard.”

When did this babe first try anal sex?

“Well, when I swing I’ve enjoyment 2 boys. So it was only natural I would start to wonder what anal-copulation felt adore. Just me and a boyfriend did it the 1st time. I started off slow, but quickly detected out I liked it a lot. Likewise that I could handle a real pounding in the arse very nicely. It feels even better with one cock in one as well as the other holes at the same time.”

Does Alanna acquire jointly with girlfriends and describe their hottest sexual encounters and the huge rods? “I guess u could say this is where I’m a little selfish. I do not like to give the angels names, but, yep, sometimes we chat about the last sexy piece of wazoo we got. I’m just not likewise quick to give out my favorites, the ones I crave for myself.”

Does Alanna love to talk ribald during sex?

“Yes I love to talk obscene. I am not one to blurt out pre-thought out phrases. I solely screech when you make me, and I say what pops in my head at the time. Whatsoever is gonna turn me on. Yes, I said me, I do not just talk immodest for you. I love it likewise.”

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