A Joystick For Suzumi

A Joystick For Suzumi

Living doll Suzumi Wilder gives Bambino the grand travel of her plush chubbiness, big fleshy fun bags and pink vagina and acquires the jock in deep. Heaven for a guy’s hard-on is cute coed Suzumi wrapping her tongue, squashy tits and constricted cunt lips around it and blowing its load all over her when their ride ends.

Says scholar, artist, animal lover, gamer girl, and pornstar Suzumi, “I like a petticoat chaser to give me tons of attention and good compliments, not crude comments. I love it. I relish hearing that I have the kind of bra buddies a fellow dreams of sucking and feeling. My bra-busters are a larger than average part of my life and I dress to reveal them off at their supreme. It feels worthwhile when I walk into a restaurant and each dude checks me out, even if he’s with a cutie.”

Competent at movie scene games, painting, tit-banging and deep throating, Suzumi pays careful attention when that babe dresses her creamy, pale jugaloos.

“I usually put ’em in lacey bras with a little bit of padding or anything that has a ‘Gothy’ kind of look to ’em. I can buy bras right off the rack. Even if they’re a bit diminutive, I can still make ’em work.”

Suzumi makes it work for us too.

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