A Girl Named Sigal Acon

A Girl Named Sigal Acon

Sigal Acon is a Russian make-up artist and webcam model on MyFreeCams. She said that becoming a model and webcam girl was the best move she’s ever made. Sigal loves being on-camera, and for her, it beats working at some boring job where she would be unappreciated.

The slim, busty beauty was originally photographed in Prague. Eventually she was able to visit us in Miami, and that alone was an accomplishment with all the obstacles involved in international travel.

A covergirl, with two magazines and a DVD entirely devoted to her, Sigal keeps herself in perfect shape. “I workout from time to time to keep myself in shape,” she said. “I like figure skating.”

Sigal made a comment that many other girls at SCORELAND and XLGirls have made, and she’s 100% spot-on.

“I don’t need to dress in something special to show off my breasts. People say I have killer looks. Even in simple clothes, I get so much attention. Usually I wear a bra. I don’t wear one at home and when I go to sleep. I sleep naked.”

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