A Goddess & Her Bicycle

A Goddess & Her Bicycle

“When I wanna feel hot, I like to wear stocking or high socks,” Codi Vore said. High socks it is.

Codi wheels her bicycle home. Her tight shirt is pulling at the buttons from the strain of her big natural milk cans. Codi teases as this babe walks. One time inside, Codi takes off her shirt. Below is a spaghetti-strap top and under that, a brassiere. One time it’s all removed, her titillating twins are free! Free to be admired. Free to dangle.

“Bras are completely uncomfortable, so if I’m at home, I am nearly at no time wearing one. I have to wear a under garment when I go out, though, because otherwise, none of my sexy clothing would fit right.”

Codi invites u to hang out with her. There is a cameltoe alert when the camera moves in close to her tight thongs. This babe slips them off to disclose her neatly-trimmed cookie garden. Exposed but leaving her socks on, Codi lets her fingers do some exploring, rubbing and dipping.

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