A Goddess Called Lissa Hope

A Gal Called Lissa Hope

The SCORE Group studio workers responded quickly when they saw the fotos Lissa Hope sent in. It was one of these “Stop the presses!” moments. We adore them.

“It was less than 24 hours,” told Lissa. “I heard the next morning. I was sitting in couch and I got a call and I thought, ‘I think this number’s from Florida.’ So I answered, and the bitch cutie said we want u to come down to Miami this week. And I called my utmost friend and she told, ‘If you don’t do it, I’ll stop being allies with you.’ There was maybe 20 minutes of hesitation where I thought, ‘Is this truly right for me?’ and here I am!”

There are many ways to discover glamour models. One of these ways is a ally who brandishes them our magazines or websites.

“I’m originally from Idaho. Small-town Idaho. Less than 200 people. I grew up on 20 acres. Horses, cows. The complete shebang. I have been said by girls that they’re fake, and I’ll say, I do not remember getting surgery. But I did have anybody say they look real. U can tell that they’re not fake.

“I’ve had people say, ‘There’s no way that you grew those yourself.’ And I was love, ‘I do not know who else grew ’em. They’re on my body.’ And people say, ‘You have to have back problems,’ and I say, ‘A little bit, but I like the way they look.’ I’ve had beauties say, ‘If I had mammaries love yours, I wouldn’t ever display ’em off. I would by no means wear something like that.'”

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