A Faceful Of Cum For Miss Kleevage

A Faceful Of Cum For Miss Kleevage

Kayla Kleevage and Alberto spent quality time at the SCORE office in London, rogering and mouthing on a desk. The year was 1997. When a Lothario is mouthing and touching with tongue Kayla’s mega-boobs, he has his hands full.

An editor once asked Kayla the age-old question, “Why do lads adore large mammaries?”

“I do not know but I have always thought if I had to do a high-school thesis paper, I’d wanna do one about that. How many dudes were breast-fed? Were they breast-fed or not? That’s what I’d like to know. But then there’s a couple of people that told me they weren’t breast-fed and they still like bigger than average fun bags.”

Kayla loves bigger in size than average wang, the greater, the more magnificant for her. Her favourite episode partners are boys adore Ron Jeremy who is one of her allies or any number of dark super-cocks like Shane Diesel. This babe is one of the few super-titters who does anal.

Kayla’s been a mentor to many cuties who needed one when they were beginning out. “I just crave anybody was there to do that with me. Say, ‘This is what you do but, truly, it wasn’t very rock hard.’ John Graham was there and he was shooting beauties so I was just now photographed but I had to be patient about learning things. I didn’t just have some reference to go to that I could ask, ‘Hey, what do u do about this or what do you do about that?’ I kind of crave that I had. I had to go out and learn it myself and that is exactly how it worked.”

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