A Dog Bowl, Duct Tape And Milk

A Dog Bowl, Duct Tape And Milk

When this episode widens, Arianna, absolutely resigned, is on her hands and knees crawling to a dog bowl. Her love bubbles, partially covered with dark duct tape, hang enticingly, and Arianna drinks from a bottle of milk, letting it oozes down her chin and over tits before dunking her naturals in the bowl.

And that’s just the starting as Arianna–dressed in hot-pink fishnets, fuck-me pumps, a waist cincher and a dog collar–plays out her kinkiest fantasy ever.

“Please, corporalist, can I gulp some milk?” that babe supplicates. “Can I touch myself, taskmaster?” And “Master, can I play with the fake penis? Can I have joy mouthing your penis, taskmaster?”

This clip might not be for everybody. But if u like to take an occasional walk on the dark side–and who more outstanding to take that walk with than Arianna–then this is definitely for you.

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