A Close Shave For Vanessa Y.

A Close Shave For Vanessa Y.

Like the leading female in a melodramatic European movie scene, Vanessa Y. is faced with a serious, personal life dilemma. That babe is decided to shave off her world-famous love tunnel. We pursue Vanessa into the bathroom where she 1st acquires her two-piece off and plays with her enormous, natural mammaries and snatch, proudly sticking them in your face.

Undressed, Vanessa acquires into the tub, covers every part of her bush with shaving sex cream and picks up a ladies’ razor. The pont of time of truth has arrived. Vanessa is about to initiate her shave when she freezes. Should she or should that babe not?

Vanessa can not bring herself to clear bush garden. She knows that the happiness of the Vanessa Y. hair undress club for guys takes 1st priority. Pulling out a biggest girl-toy that every washroom in Europe is stocked with, Vanessa discards the razor and gives herself some pleasurable plug and play time in the shower instead.

That was a real close shave.

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