A Bathing suit Day For Amy Villainous

A Swim dress Day For Amy Villainous

“I will buy any style of bra that will fit,” said Amy Villainous, a girl who busts her brassieres with her mammoth 38J-cups. “Most American brands do not make my size unless I buy online, and that’s risky if I can’t try them on 1st. I wish more bra brands would make cute sizes for bustier hotties.”

Expect. There’s more.

“Due to my areolas being extremely sensitive, I have to wear a brassiere when I go out or I will be overstimulated. If I am home, I’m in the muscled as much as I can be. I am too into lactation and have been trying to induce.

“When I give a oral I swallow, unless otherwise requested. Some men just indeed love seeing their cum all over my face, fullsome funbags or tummy and I’m okay with that. I always try to take a pic as a memento when there’s cum all over me.”

In her smokin’ hawt screw with Brad Newman, Amy was given a bigger in size than standard load of cum in her face and on her humongous boobs and outstretched tongue. Then this babe swallowed his penis with her mouth to acquire any remaining nut-juice. This babe stared at the digi camera with a dripping cumface, stuck out her tongue and cupped her moist beasts. It was a shame that video had to end.

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