Merilyn Sakova: This babe Defied The Laws Of Nature

Merilyn Sakova: This babe Defied The Laws Of Nature

When our photo team traveled to Kiev instead of setting up discharges in the Czech Republic, they could not aid but notice that Merilyn Sakova had enough outfits and hot footwear at her place to supply a clothing store. They were impressed.

“I masturbate in advance of I go to sleep, maybe three or four days a week,” Merilyn once told our photographer during a Prague photo-shoot. So toy play–and Merilyn had tons of toys–was something that babe became very pro in. This babe used toys the very first time this babe modeled.

“I like to begin off vibrating my love button lightly in advance of I put it in my twat. A wonderful large O and it is effortless to fall asleep in a dunky in number minutes.”

Merilyn is a girl with a great sense of humor. Whenever our crew spent any quality time with her after a day of discharges, they enjoyed her company and identified her very refreshing.

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