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The golden girl who truly does give a fuck

The golden goddess who indeed does give a fuck

When Jewel initially debuted in the December 2005 issue of 40something magazine, that babe just now became one of our almost all popular 50somethings ever, and now that this babe is 60something, she’s one of our almost all popular 60somethings ever.

Yeah, Jewel is a great bonk. This babe knows what that babe is doing. But that babe is appealing, spruce, funny and hawt all at the same time. She’s from North Carolina, and she’s the epitome of the old-fashioned Southern belle. But then her raiment come off, and we initiate to wonder, just how proper are these old-fashioned Southern belles after all?

Well, she screws properly. Isn’t that what counts?

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Sweater Expander

Sweater Expander

Sweater Expander

The great Renee Ross, one of the finest vixens in XL Gals history, one time said, “I have the magic wrist. I just know how to move my wrist in time with my face hole and I have been told that it is beautiful magical. And I can give good deep face hole.

“I love the sound a shlong makes when it is in the back of my throat. That gagging and suction noise acquires me off. I need to have a full belly to gulp cum. I can not do it on an empty belly. It makes me sick. But I don’t mind playing with it in my throat and making it hot.”

Renee is as busy as ever working as a nurse, but maybe she’ll be back. A petticoat chaser can solely hope and keep the faith.

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Where’ve u been, Micky Lynn?

Where’ve u been, Micky Lynn?

Where've u been, Micky Lynn?

Back in the spotlight, 1990s sex star Micky Lynn proceeds her return with an interview and masturbation display.

“I’m going to flaunt you what you’ve been missing all those years,” she says. “I’m a little maturer and a little wiser now, but I’ve still got it. U cant miss it.”

Nope, we can not, especially when the interview ends and Micky, who’s 45 years aged, undresses down to no thing, opens her twat and ass and deep-fingers her well-fucked muff.

Of course, this is just the starting. Next: pictures of Micky engulfing and screwing a real rod on-camera, smth this babe has done often and very well. And after that, the video. So you could call this Micky Lynn Week at 40SomethingMag.com.

Micky, who’s a Mother and a swinger, gets recognized all the time.

“I must be careful ‘cuz they think I’m intend to have sex with ’em all the time, and I like to pick who I screw,” this babe told. “But if you’re lucky and I’m in the mood and I adore u, we’ll do it.”

Micky grew up in Englewood, Fresh Jersey and now lives in West Palm Beach, Florida. She’s been a swinger for over Twenty years. This babe is a nudist. She was living the retired life, raising her son, when that babe decided to get back into porn. And here she is.

“I decided to keep myself with out the limelight for a lengthy time, and now I’m back.”

More breathtaking than ever? We think so.

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1990s porn starlet Micky Lynn returns!

1990s porn starlet Micky Lynn returns!

1990s porn starlet Micky Lynn returns!

This is not Micky Lynn’s first time. Not by a longshot. Back in 1991, when this babe was only Eighteen years old, Micky appeared in her first amateur porn clip, and that was the beginning of a lengthy porno career that spanned 11 years, during which Micky sucked and drilled in over 200 movie scenes. Dunky but super-sexual, this babe was up for just about anything. She even appeared on Howard Stern’s radio brandish.

Fast-forward to today. Now a 45-year-old Mamma living in West Palm Beach, Florida, Micky is a dancer and a swinger and as wild as ever. And this babe is making her comeback by getting undressed at 40SomethingMag.com.

Today: solo photos. Tomorrow: an interview. Wednesday and Thursday: Micky bonks.

“I’m back to brandish you what you’ve been missing all these years,” Micky said. “It feels different but it feels so nice. I am a little mature and a little wiser. I have still got it.”

Almost certainly about that. This babe still has a tight, little, smokin’ body. She is extraordinarily excited, maybe even hornier than in advance of, if that’s possible.

“I love to go to swingers’ strip clubs,” that babe said. “I’ve been stripping and just hoping to meet plenty of my fresh fans and get down and dirty.”

Some people by no means change…and sometimes, like this time, that’s a good thing.

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Bring That Booty Over Here

Bring That A-hole Over Here

Bring That Butt Over Here

“I’m a giant pervert, just painfully timid,” told XL Gal Violet Addams.

Violet is one of the uncommon glamour models we know who worked in an adult shop. Merely a handful of gals we know have been over 18’s store staff, such as Marilyn White and Allysa Andrews.

“I worked in a store that has tons of movie booths,” Violet tells us. “I sold TSG magazines, too, so I got to check ’em all out when they shipped in; 18eighteen, XL Angels, certainly, and all of the others. Many of my customers were very worthwhile and some of ’em were even fantastic.”

If more stores hired more eye-candy like Violet, they’d probably jack their sales up, so to speak. Violet is a pastry chef back home in Providence.

“In my chef studies, I savour experimenting with pastries by adding alcohol to the ingredient list.” Violet sounds more love a pastry artist to us.

Observe as Violet gives this lad a creamy tart (her tight booty and two immense cupcakes) that knocked him out for the rest of the afternoon.

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Beer Maid To Serve Your Boner

Beer Maid To Serve Your Hardon

Beer Maid To Serve Your Boner

Are you in the mood for bratwurst and ale? Barmaid Brandy is here to serve you. She’s too a fan of sausage-the pork kind and the shlong kind. Which ever u have, she’ll take. And if you can slip her a little bit of the one and the other at the same time, even more nice. “I love to eat and I love to copulate,” Brandy said. “Why not have something tickling my taste buds and my pussy at the same time? I detect that I am my horniest after I eat certain foods-especially sausages. Obviously, it’s shaped love a knob. But it’s just as thick and soaked as one, too.”

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Bi, Big busted & Nude

Bi, Full-bosomed & Naked

Bi, Big breasted & Bare

When we asked 21-year-old Ava if she is ever had a sexual collision with one more girl, this babe said, “That’s a secret.” Secret? Hey, we do not keep secrets here at NaughtyMag.com. But let’s face it: Her answer gives her away. After all, if the answer was no, this babe would’ve told, “No.” The answer is yep. Her answer told that. And so did her smile. It told, “I enjoyed tonguing cookie.”

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Curvaceous Pioneer of Romania

Curvaceous Pioneer of Romania

Buxom Pioneer of Romania

“Over the past 15 years, no Curvaceous Gal has had more staying power–more lasting popularity–than Joana Bliss,” wrote V-mag editor Dave in the Holiday 2018 issue. “Is Romanian bra-buster and sexpot Joana the highest V-Girl ever?”

This is an exceedingly difficult question to answer considering all of the fantastic hotties we have featured in V-mag over the years. One thing is true. Joana is a Romanian pioneer in big-bust adult modeling who is still active this day, smth that is a major accomplishment in any area of photo-modeling.

This day, Romania is the new Czechia, with busty girls such as the Star sisters, Kitty Cute and Amie Taylor joining the Large Flaunt. We do not know if any of these girls know who Joana is and what her contribution is to the big breasted world but that babe paved the way.

Always young, it seems love Joana has identified a secret, and by natural ways.

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Bea, Lucas and the cuckolded hubby

Bea, Lucas and the cuckolded partner

Bea, Lucas and the cuckolded hubby

Bea Cummins, who was 67 when this scene was shot, once told us, “I always loved sex. Just not with my 1st boyfriend. He not at all did anything to satisfy me. I do not think that dude even knew if I ever had an agonorgasmos. This chap did not care. And forget about dressing hawt. I wore what this gent wanted me to wear.” She was trapped in an unhappy marriage. Not anymore.

“With my second spouse, I lastly have the freedom to relish sex,” she said. “I’m surprised by how open I’m and how much freedom I’ve and how free I feel. The orgasms have gotten more intensive cuz I am not self-conscious anymore.”

As an sample of how much freedom Bea has with her second hubby, we offer u this scene: Bea’s real-life hubby is sat at home, reading the newspaper, when Bea returns from a shopping journey. And what did this babe acquire at the mall? Lucas Stone?

And now, Bea is gonna acquire down on her knees and suck Lucas’s large, darksome pecker. And she’s going to receive on the ottoman and acquire banged by Lucas in her first interracial scene. And what is Bea’s boyfriend gonna do during the time that all of this is happening? Well, after this woman chaser receives his bearings, he’s going to sit down on the couch next to Bea (view how she holds onto her hubby during the time that Lucas slams her slit), then he is plan to make the almost all of his situation by getting his cock out. And then Bea, worthy wife that she’s, is gonna suck her hubby’s ding-dong during the time that Lucas copulates her.

Freedom. It is just some other word for one more load to lose.

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A Busty Mirage Called Terry

A Big busted Mirage Called Terry

A Big busted Mirage Called Terry

This dehydrated woman chaser is delirious. Another step and this fellow is tied to fall into that empty pool and break his stiffy. But wait! A big breasted, smiling mirage named Terry Nova has appeared to slake his thirst, not merely for aqua but for greater than typical, heavy pantoons to suck and screw.

Terry is an talented at stroking, mouthing, jacking and fucking your tool until u blow your load over her sexy chest. Terry trickle sex. She’s the topmost love-doll with her fleshy, pliable hangers and her facial-me face. Just wind her up and let her bounce on a erection. That is what it is all about, brother.

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Marina Grey’s Big Tit Sex Training

Marina Grey’s Greater than run of the mill Tit Sex Training

Marina Grey's Bigger than standard Tit Sex Training

Marina Grey comes close to putting on a tank top that reads “Fuck Me Now” whilst she tries to entice Angelo into dropping his phone and giving her some attention and a rock hard ramrod. She lowers her nightie, exposing her large jugs, caresses them as that babe lies in bed and shifts her body into some sexy photo-model poses. Angelo lastly receives the message.

Angelo squeezes Marina’s love melons and sucks her nipples hard. They quickly receive subrigid. Then that chap does something different. With his hands on one as well as the other sides of her torso just beneath her whoppers, this ladies man rocks her forward and back. Her love muffins move in tandem with his actions. Taking her fullsome funbags in his hands, this chab pokes them towards her mouth and tells her to stick her tongue out and lick the nipples.

Moving Marina on the couch and taking his wang out, this chap tells her this chab craves to copulate her pantoons. That gent bonks her titties, sticks his wang in her face hole, then resumes his boob-banging. Marina’s naturals receive lots of attention in this scene even when this man is fucking her muff in different poses. This babe rubs her twat as that ladies man bangs her inflexible and fast doggystyle while pushing her head into the daybed. That babe trembles and cums inflexible. And they’re not done yet. Marina gets rogered afresh on top, her mellons swinging in his face.

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The Slappin’ & Clappin’ Boobies of Helen Star

The Slappin' & Clappin' Marangos of Helen Star

“I would say I am assured and masterful but lighthearted and happy. I am the kind of girl who knows what this babe can’t live without,” told Helen Star, larger than average sister to the boobaliciously built Erin Star. Romanian racks at their majority magnificant!

“I sleep on my tummy, titties below me and it’s sooo relaxing. I always go topless when I’m at the beach. I don’t like to have tan lines on my love muffins.”

Helen receives stared at no matter where she does or what she is wearing. She’s one of the 1-percenters when it comes to bosoms.

“Women do acquire jealous when they see me and Erin but that’s life. Most guys turn their heads around even if they are holding their girlfriend’s hand. That’s always pleasure to watch!”

Close friends of Mia Hottie, who told her XL Gals photographer about ’em, Helen and Erin got to meet six other Voluptuous cuties for the clip On Location North Coast, shot in the Dominican Republic.

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