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Mega-Boobs Office

Mega-Boobs Office

Mega-Boobs Office

Minka could have taken a job as an executive with The SCORE Group. This babe wanted to work near her home in Vegas so the world’s #1 Oriental big-tit star since 1994 took a job in a nearby office. We’re disappointed about that even though we understand why this babe declined.

The problem is a supervisor in this company. That stud doesn’t get Minka’s sense of humor and her working style. That Lothario gets annoyed when this babe makes copies of her 44KK pantoons with the office copier. Her habit of working at her desk with her blouse raised over her zeppelins bugs him. This ladies man spills coffee on the floor, distracted by her protruding pontoons. That chap just doesn’t get Minka.

His 1st mistake is when this fellow asks to speak to Minka and lays down the law. This babe quickly turns the tables on him and sucks his meat-thermometer. That straightens him out fast, and in advance of that stud knows it, this chab is breaking every rule in the company handbook by boning Minka on the conference room ottoman and nutting her mega-boobs.

Who’s the boss now?

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Locker Room Groupie

Locker Room Groupie

Locker Room Groupie

“The first time I had sex, I was hooked,” short and big busted Salena Marie said. “I’ve been a freak ever since. I like to have it at least five times to ten times a week.”

Salena’s fitness instructor plans to do a thorough job of training her. “So how are u going to stretch me this day?” Salena asks JC. “I do need a stretch.”

“Let’s receive this off 1st,” JC replies. This stud desires Salena to change out of her hawt clothing into a fitness outfit. “Have a seat and we’ll kick off to stretch u out,” JC grins.

“Talk to me about your fitness goals.” JC cups Salena’s bigger in size than run of the mill marangos that are pressed against his groin. Salena describes what she craves disciplined, caressing her hands all over JC, especially his pipe area.

“Stretch me worthwhile today,” Salena requests. She squeezes his package as this dude unhooks Salena’s bra to must the goodies, these 36F-cup juggs. Salena’s fitness instruction takes a backseat to locker room screwing as JC makes a decision to stretch Salena worthy with his exercise equipment. Salena is in whole agreement with that plan one time she acquires her hands on his bigger than run of the mill tool, her eyes brightening up.

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Georgette shags 2 boys for the first time on-camera

Georgette copulates 2 boyz for the first time on-camera

When this scene opens, 65-year-old Georgette Parks looks very hot but gracious. This babe is wearing red underware and stockings. Even when that babe is talking about getting screwed by two boys on-camera for the 1st time, she still has that air of class.

But then the camera pans down. Hey, Georgette isn’t wearing any knickers! Her bald love tunnel is right there for all the world to watch! And then we remember: Georgette is a handsome bimbo.

The two boys expose up, one on every side of her. “I urge you to shag me,” Bitch Georgette says. “I wish to receive banged so bad. And I wanna engulf the one and the other of you.”

Georgette kneels betwixt them and sucks one whilst jacking the other. Then she lies back and takes turns engulfing one charmer whilst the other fingers her bawdy cleft. When the fucking begins, there isn’t a pont of time when Georgette’s throat and vagina aren’t simultaneously stuffed. Ok, there are a diminutive in number moments: when they’re changing poses.

Question: How much cum can Georgette coax without 2 cocks at the same time? You’ll must observe the episode to inspect.

“I adore schlong,” Georgette told, “and the more the merrier!”

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The Hypnotic Bumpers of Vanessa Y.

The Hypnotic Billibongs of Vanessa Y.

The Hypnotic Mammaries of Vanessa Y.

Stare if you dare at the hypnotic marangos of Vanessa Y., Princess of all Polish pumpkins. Vanessa is a swinger when it comes to her larger than run of the mill tits. It is 12 stopless, topless minutes of the Polish polka courtesy of Shapely magazine’s two-time winner of the Adult star of the year contest. These love bubbles in motion could generate enough kinetic energy to force a brick abode. Jiggle all the way with Vanessa Y. and acquire a teat in your eye.

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Pull It Out For The Polish Princess

Pull It Out For The Polish Princess

Pull It Out For The Polish Princess

Is that a Polish sausage the sensuous Polish princess Vanessa Y. has prepared and cant keep her hands off of? It have to remind her of smth coz that babe can not stop putting it in her mouth and between her big meatballs.

While on-camera, Vanessa speaks in Polish, not English. We do not know what Vanessa murmurs but that babe makes everything she says hawt.

Waiting for u to reveal up is making her antsy, as in antsy in her pantsy. That babe peels off her silky robe, and wearing solely a undergarment, straps and black pumps, Vanessa parades restlessly around the kitchen.

Giving her large bosoms some squeezing, Vanessa unhooks her industrial-strength bra and tosses it to the side. Climbing onto the kitchen counter, this babe sticks her hand down her knickers and gives her furry pie a pat down. Slipping her knickers down her legs, this babe tosses it str8 at you and parades exposed around the kitchen, still restless.

Vanessa beckons u to the counter, tells you to get on it and puts her hands in your trousers to engulf and tit-fuck what you’ve got for her. Your pole is what Poland’s big busted superstar desires.

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Swarthy & Ivory Heat

Ebony & Ivory Heat

Ebony & Ivory Heat

Milly Marks orders a pizza, but what the bodaciously curvacious dark brown ravisher acquires is a delivery of black jock, not darksome olives. “Fuck the pizza,” Milly said to King Noire, casting it aside. Thanks, no. King would rather screw Milly in her 1st scene with bigger than standard, darksome ramrod.

Milly leads him upstairs. At the top of the stairs, they make out. King pulls down the top of her costume and crams against Milly doggystyle, her titanic naturals squished against the glass wall for a hardly any seconds.

In the bedroom, Milly sits on the daybed and quickly unzips him. That babe is avid to worship his shlong with her throat, making gagging, throaty sounds. Her able tongue and lips make mouth music with his skin flute.

A cutie who loves to tit-fuck as much as that babe can’t live with out to give blow jobs, Milly squeezes the schlong betwixt her velvety, heavy tits and spends a lot of quality time getting tit-fucked.

Worked-up and soaked, Milly lies back and parts her legs. King enters Milly’s pink gates of heaven and as in a short time as that happens, Milly begins screaming loudly about his “big, fucking cock” and not ever stops yelling whilst this babe is getting rogered until this chab pops, jacking all over her much loved twin treasures.

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Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder

Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder

Fifty-two inches of chocolate thunder

Cherise Roze is 21 years aged, was born in Oakland, California and lives in Newark, Fresh Jersey. U might care about that. It means the girl’s youthful and has ghetto pedigree. But what you are gonna care about more is that that babe has a 52-inch booty, and it is worthy to watch that a hotty her age isn’t coy about showing it off.

“I used to take hip-hip and jazz dance classes when I was juvenile,” Cherise says. “Now I’m an hawt dancer. I’m definitely an exhibitionist. I adore showing it all off, and I do not care who sees me.”

Shaking that 52-inch gazoo on-stage and letting guys grab it in the V.I.P. room. Making her gazoo clap and thunder. In this scene, that babe is wearing a fishnet body suit, and when that babe jiggles her booty, it rattles all over the screwing place. We’re talking about ripples! The body suit already has a aperture in the crotch area for effortless shlong access, but just in case u need more assist, Cherise widens her ass for a better watch. Then that babe widens her legs, taps her muff and proudly displays off her youthful, pink vagina. But this is an booty brandish, and the foremost part is when Cherise shimmies that arse with out her bodysuit. And then the hole-fingering and widening indeed begins!

“I’m into choking and ass-sitting,” Cherise told. “I’ve had gang bangs, cuties, sex in malls and public places, anything.”

And this babe is solely Twenty one.

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Cut And Blow Job

Cut And Blowjob

Cut And Blow Job

We’ve all had this fantasy: Sat in the chair at a hair salon, having your hair done. The stylist is a sexy Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK with a hawt body, and that babe keeps brushing up against you. Why is she brushing up against you? Well, it could be ‘cuz this babe has to acquire close to u to do her job. Or it could be coz she’s sexually excited and urges your shlong. From our experiences with hot, female hairdressers, it’s the latter.

Raven LeChance, who’s 46, is the hairdresser. Previous to the woman chaser knows it, that babe is pushing her greater than average, firm marangos in his face and going down on his wang, right there in the centre of the hair salon. The hair cut is over (for now), and she is engulfing his rod and sitting on his face and opening her face hole for his goo. We’re guessing Raven receives very fine tips with this kind of service.

Raven is married and from Florida (she grew up in Illinois). She’s 5’6″, 132 pounds and measures 36D-27-37. She is the Mom of an 18-year-old. She identified out about us from Jodi West, who u can see at 40SomethingMag.com. She sure as hell did not look at about us from her family!

“I come from a very conservative background, and my family and hometown allies would be shocked to watch me here,” Raven said. “But majority of my current friends wouldn’t be surprised at all.”

Raven is a swinger (“My hubby and I started swinging with his preeminent ally shortly after we started go out with 15 years ago”). That babe can’t live out of when people view her having sex (“It gives me even more energy than usual!”). And this babe one time had a sixsome (“Three vixens, 2 chaps. They all took turns, in their own way, pleasuring me”).

So what’s it plan to be, boys? Cut or oral?

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Sexy for teacher

Sexy for teacher

Hot for teacher

Dominatrix-bitch S., a 64-year-old former teacher from the Great Britain, says this babe wasn’t a wicked teacher when that babe was working, but she’s definitely a wicked teacher in this scene. That babe says that when she was teaching, she by no means drilled one of her students or any of the students’ fathers. But here, this babe shags her student’s older brother…right there on the desk in her classroom!

We wonder, too, if, back when that babe was a teacher, Female S. wore what that babe is wearing here: a constricted petticoat and a sheer, white blouse that u can watch her dark-skinned beneath garment throughout.

“I didn’t,” she told. “I was very conservative, but all that is changed.”

Obviously. Domme S. is mouthing and screwing on-camera, showing off her constricted GILF body and taking a load of cum all over her nice, firm mounds. Honestly, we think her former students would have paid more attention in class if this babe clothed love this and did those things.

Mrs. S. says this babe feels hot “when anybody looks at me in that way,” which have to be all the time.

“How are u looking at me right now?” she asked. “Do you have your schlong in your hand? Are you resisting the urge to shoot your load? Go ahead. Do not await. Give it to me!”

Hey, she’s the teacher. More awesome do as that babe says!

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The Flasher

The Flasher

The Flasher

At dockside, the XL Girls’ digi camera stays close to youthful and cute Susie Masterson as that babe takes her large, tan-lined 38G milk cans out of her taut top and holds them in her hands. Susie’s mammaries dwarf her hands.

Susie keeps her eyes out for passing boats. That babe doesn’t desire her funbags to cause any accidents cuz a boater is blinded by her milk sacks. Playing it safe so the Coast Guard doesn’t declare her a navigational hazard, Susie heads indoors to proceed her flashing and give herself a good fingering. Please do not drive if you’re watching this on a phone.

Susie is a winner at swinging her milk shakes from side-to-side. We believe this is one of the ways this babe hypnotizes guys. Susie’s actually a winner in everything we have watched her do. Why, any fun bags and ass smooth operator would be contented to steer his cigarette boat str8 into a dock just to see a hardly any seconds of Susie flashing.

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Laundry Room

Washing Room

Laundry Room

Hot tangerine. That’s what Nicole Peters reminds us of in this spread. The voluptuousness, with her pleasant juices just stirring inside, just waiting to be sucked. Then this babe disrobes down to her cherry-red knickers. Her enjoyable stash just expecting to be set free. Run free, ravishing stash. Run free. And of course, she has to reveal these fully ripe, ample scones to drive us barmy. Certainly, our Nicole Peters would not be complete out of her tearing away those cherry belts to expose–what else–that valuable, enjoyable cherry of hers. It gets no more nice than this. A feast for the eyes, courtesy of the luscious Nicole Peters. Wouldn’t it be smth to head to your building’s washing room and run smack dab into Nicole. What would u do?

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Bush Baby Nina

Bush Baby Nina

Bush Baby Nina

Welcome to Nina’s bedroom. Inside, you’ll find the lighthearted 22-year-old Bush Baby toying herself on her pink and white paisley sheets. She has a pink nightstand. In fact, pink is all around in this set, especially when she widens her unshaved vagina and gives us a look at of her pink fuckhole.

Nina is still in high school, but that babe hasn’t gotten rid of her aged plaid schoolgirl skirt. This babe is wearing it as she masturbates for the camera.

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