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The Smiley Display

The Smiley Display

The Smiley Show

We join Smiley Emma in a high-rise in Toronto. She’s looking as incredibly hot as ever. Emma has it all: fullsome funbags, buns, ravisher and bush. Have enjoyment one of Canada’s best. The fun is all ours.

XLGirls: So Emma, what is your prefered XL Beauties discharge so far, if any, and why?

Emma: To be honest, the entire experience in Prague was fantastic and I am having a subrigid time picking my favorite shoot! I had a great time shooting with Jan and team. I’ve indeed enjoyed seeing the finished product and sometimes I still can’t make almost certainly of that it is me.

XLGirls: Do u go to stripped resorts? Are you comfortable with public nudity?

Emma: I have not had the opportunity to visit a bare resort or beach but it’s something that I would love to do and is on my bucket list.

XLGirls: Have u ever flashed in public?

Emma: I’ve flashed my fiance in a public place before but not with people around as, make no doubt of it or not, I can be quite demure at times.

XLGirls: U can flash Toronto right now through the windows. Do u wear T-shirts with boob-type slogans adore “My Eyes Are Up Here”?

Emma: I don’t typically wear shirts with slogans on ’em unless it’s a band shirt. I focus more on showing the breast valley tastefully more than anything else. People looking at my boobies doesn’t actually bother me as it comes with the territory and I try not to distract ’em from that.

XLGirls: If you could put a saying or word on a tank top, what would it be?

Emma: “Boobnotized.” This word comes up a lot when I am camming.

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Cock-pleasing Christy

Cock-pleasing Christy

Cock-pleasing Christy

View this great masturbation scene with Christy. She is sexy, lustful and knows how to receive a guy’s motor leaking. She’s got a worthy presence on-camera and this babe loves talking about her sex life!

Christy has some pleasure outside amongst the trees. Then she moves inside and undresses off her tank top and petticoat to disclose her pink and white underware. The 31-year-old Oriental then proceeds to finger-fuck her constricted cunt.

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“I’m A Good Jacker.”

“I’m A Nice Jacker.”

'I'm A Good Jacker.'

“I’m always confused about making noise when I’m having sex, but I can not assist squeaking,” said Ariel Lopez, who’s 19, works in a department store and is from San Diego California. This is the most gripping thing that babe is ever done. “Sometimes I dig my nails into my lad or scratch him, and I know I move a lot. I get embarrassed, likewise, ’cause my muff floods and makes a mess.” Do not be embarrassed, Ariel. Lads like flooded love tunnel. By the way, Ariel isn’t confused about one thing. “Jacking somebody off? I love it,” this babe said. “I’m a priceless jacker.” We’ll be the judges of that.

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Christina’s partner doesn’t know she’s here

Christina's spouse doesn't know this babe is here

Usually when a married female comes to 40SomethingMag.com to have sex with our dudes, she lets her spouse know about it.

Usually. Not this time. Christina Sapphire is a 41-year-old wife from Illinois who lives in Tampa, Florida with her spouse. That babe told him that babe was going over to South Florida with some allies. But she was indeed coming here to screw.

What’s her spouse intend to do when this chab finds out about this? Probably get a erection and ask Christina to engulf his ramrod whilst that dude watches the video of her getting pounded by a big, dark ding-dong. Isn’t that what you’d do?

After all, Christina and her hubby are swinger couples. As that babe tells us in this movie, a few months ago, she got banged by 15 males in the same night at a swingers’ club. The 15th was her hubby.

Christina works a boring day job in an office.

“Just cuz I do something boring during the day doesn’t mean I need to be boring at night,” that babe said.

That babe too said, “I love to be subtly sexy then I adore to let it all hang out.”

That babe definitely lets it all hang out in this scene. The woman holds nothing back, and when this babe is sat on Jax’s pecker, this babe cums so rigid that this babe not quite makes him cum. Then this chab schlongs her unfathomable in the missionary position and leaves his goo in her Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK bawdy cleft. Then Christina eats the cum with out her muff.

Notice that she is wearing a wedding ring. No thing subtle about that.

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A Fat Chorizo for Bunnie

A Plump Chorizo for Bunnie

A Chunky Chorizo for Bunnie

Bunnie’s parents are hosting a foreign swap student at their abode, and lucky for her, this chab has a bigger in size than run of the mill, fat chorizo. This chab doesn’t speak any English, but their body language does all the talking. This man laps up Bunnie’s fur pie, getting it good and luscious for his thick ding-dong. This babe wraps her lips around his thick pole, getting it good and rock hard for her tight cum-hole. It’s so corpulent she can barely fit it in her mouth. This babe can barely fit it in her pussy, but there’s nothing this babe can’t live without more than a wonderful stretch.

One time this chab is squeezed into her cunt, Bunnie has fun bouncing up and down on his cock, her diminutive bazookas pointing straight up into the air. She puts in the work, grinding and bouncing her thighs, rogering him as much as that lady-killer bonks her. She cums on his jock. That guy cums on her face. There is no have to talk when you speak the international language of sex.

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Barbiee, Gentilly

Here’s a world 1st – a sexy and buff dark-skinned model with a receding hairline! No matter what her hair has the appearance of, this starlet has got an wondrous body and precious fuckhole. Her girlfriend can’t wait to go down on her, and these divas take special care when they lick each others’ gashes. Her girlfriend, wearing sexy pink fishnets, pulls out a larger than standard ebon fake penis. This babe spits on it and licks it for lubrication before this babe slips it into the other model’s moist hole. The gals take turns, bending over for each other so that they can acquire a rigid sex tool pounding. It’s not as nice as a meatstick, but it is better than nothing! They expertly make each other cum.

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West Meets Breast

West Meets Breast

West Meets Breast

During the Bigger in size than typical ’90s, tit-to-tit girl-girls were very popular. It was too a way to acquire some explicit sex, at least in the movie version of a scene, with the gals who would not do lads on-camera, such as Colt 45 and Tawny Peaks.

East Meets Breast was Minka’s first girl-girl in November 1994 SCORE immediately following her debut in the October ’94 issue. Minka was paired with Danielle “Danni” Ashe who became the queen of the mainstream internet a not many years later. Danni and Minka likewise coupled off in this antique bathtub set.

Majority of the buxom angels like SaRenna Lee out-gunned naturally big breasted 32FF Danni in the chest department but not in the worship of areolas, pussies and other feminine bits. So this babe was a hawt sex-buddy for apprentice Minka.

At this time, Minka wasn’t the mega-boobed superstar that babe would gradually become so the contrast here is more the exoticism of a tanned and dark-skinned brown Asian getting it on with a honey-blonde South Carolina native.

Danni is the confident one, tongueing Minka’s furry muff and stiffening her hyper-sensitive teats which a phat breeze can receive vertical. Minka repays the favour by eating out Danni’s blonde cum-hole. Danni fingers and tongues Minka’s muff, sucks on her areolas some more and then bonks Minka with a larger than average cock-shaped toy.

Danni retired in 2006 after selling her company. Minka is still active to this day while most of her peers have likewise moved on.

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Goin’ For The Girth

Goin’ For The Girth

Goin' For The Girth

“There’s nothing I adore more than a bulky schlong. Yeah, it’s valuable when they’re lengthy likewise, but it is the girth I actually want. If I can barely wrap my lips around it, then I know I’ve got a winner. The majority excellent part is when the lad first sticks that large, fat knob inside of you and your vagina has to stretch out. It feels so taut and full. My muff is stretched to maximum capacity and I can feel it all the way down to my taint. If the guy’s jock is thick sufficient, I can cum right from that first penetration.”

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Sundae Kind of Beauty

Sundae Kind of Angel

Sundae Kind of Girl

I shriek, you shriek, we all shriek for Janet Jade.

The hottest ice jizz parlor in the world has been constructed and our little sundae maker is none other than the breasty and charming Janet Jade.

“First, I am going to put a little whipped ball cream on my titties,” an already stripped Janet says, spritzing the contents of the can on every delightful nipp. “Ooooh, yes…. Looks so delightful….”

What a tit-man would do to have the chance to lick those creamy nips clean and then engulf ’em valuable! Janet does just that, tongueing and self-sucking her cream-coated confections, savoring the pleasant flavor of her consummate skin. By the time this little lesson in sundae making is over, Janet will have turned her hot body into a human dessert with sprinkles and cherries. How lovely it is.

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Customer Service XLGirls.com Style

Customer Service XLGirls.com Style

Customer Service XLGirls.com Style

We’ve all shopped at men’s garments stores where the sales employees is as accommodating and as helpful as girl-next-door Kendra Lee Ryan. Yep, right! In your dreams, Boob Brothers!

Fortunately for Levi, the store is empty. More than surprising, considering that Kendra is trickling the place. It should be filled with tit-hounds trying to get their hands on her excellent merchandise. But if it were, then Levi wouldn’t be getting his pipe blown out. So here’s to quiet, empty stores managed by hawt sales vixens.

Kendra helps Levi change his look by dressing him in something new. And then this babe suggests up her lush body, beginning with her 40DD sucklers. Chap, this is great customer service! This buck hasn’t even paid for his recent handsome clothing yet. They actually trust boys at this store.

If you love beauties who talk nasty and receive wicked then Kendra Lee Ryan is the cutie for u. “I like my large knockers sucked,” Kendra informs Levi. “Taste Them. Rub my fucking teats, baby. Pinch Them. You like bigger than standard fuckin’ mambos?” Levi is too focused and his throat is also busy to respond.

Kendra desires the shlong right then and there and receives busy. This babe drops to her knees and goes down on Levi, slurping, tongueing and mouthing his shaft. This babe jerks his penis during the time that she’s engulfing his nuts and she is charming at it, burying her face in his nut-bag. He frantically sticks his bone betwixt Kendra’s mangos and copulates her deep cleavage. She responds by hawking a glob on it to lube the way, a string of saliva dangling from her lips. “I wanna be your fucking floozy!” cries Kendra. Wow! What a mouth! This babe grasps his dong and sucks on it some more. They head over to a couch so Levi can pound Kendra’s tight bawdy cleft each which way.

“Real hotties swallow,” says Kendra. “Plus I adore the taste of cum!’

So now you’ve been to Kendra’s shop. Kendra’s dropped her top. That babe is drained the man-slop. Now comment underneath and give Kendra some props.

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Hot Kitty

Hawt Kitty

Sexy Kitty

Her name is Kitty and this babe is more than cute. The green-eyed brunette hair was new to accomplished undressed modeling but not recent to showing off her curvaceous rack on her webcam. She’s gratified of her curves.

SCORELAND: What do u want to do that you haven’t done?

Kitty: I would love to learn to drive.

SCORELAND: Is it effortless for u to detect bras you love?

Kitty: Here in Romania, it’s very difficult to discover bras that fit my large whoppers comfortably.

SCORELAND: Do u always wear a undergarment?

Kitty: At home, no. I always have to wear a brassiere when I go out.

SCORELAND: Do you play any sports?

Kitty: I do not like sports at all.

SCORELAND: Any comments for the lads?

Kitty: I hope you have fun me.

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Curvy Valerie

Buxom Valerie

Voluptuous Valerie

Valerie, 25, has been in NN in advance of. This office administrator from St. Petersburg, Florida is 5’3″, weighs about 124 pounds, wears 34D bras and loves Victoria’s Secret briefs. Her birthday is October Twenty. Love so many naughty neighbors, Valerie was thrilled to watch herself in the mag, but kinda adore a drug hit–we guess–the thrill pretty soon wore off and that babe wanted more. That babe was between boyfriends and had not done well on the courting scene in St. Pete, so that babe decided to come to Miami to screw one of our dudes. But she wanted to do smth different. When we suggested that she could copulate Jack and it would be discharged POV, Valerie looked at us love we were speaking to her in Chinese. But we showed her what we were talking about, and that babe loved it. Valerie really got into it from the get-go. We did not say anything to her about teabagging Jack: that babe did that by herself–and not quite caused him to blow his cum! This excited babe wanted to have some fun, and she sure did. So, Nasty Nation, go to it and shag Valerie at your own pace! For added effect, you can always shave your crotch and balls so that u, also, are stripped down there.

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