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The Art Of The Lapdance

The Art Of The Lapdance

Larger than average Boob Finishing School headmistress Michelle Bond believes that enchanting chaps requires a great deal of study and training. That babe includes sexy dance instruction in her manual, “The Unsurpassable Guide To Pleasant Fellows.”

Michelle is plan to teach Israeli sweater-sweller Eden Mor in the art of lap dancing.

“Perhaps u are wondering why you are clothed the way you are,” Michelle asks Eden. “You are dressed the way u are because all dudes love strippers, and no thing turns a gent on more than having his girlfriend or wife dance for him.”

Michelle flaunts Eden the right way to give a boy a gogo dance. That babe gets fully undressed and gives Eden a sensuous dance. “Now I crave u to give me a exotic dance.” Michelle sits in a chair and waits for Eden.

Eden undresses off to dance in her nude magnificence, copying Michelle’s moves. During the dance, concupiscent Michelle feels Eden up like a guy would at a lap dancing club. “How did I do at it?” Eden asks when she’s done. “I don’t know how any guy could resist you.” Michelle replies and they kiss.

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Raven Rockette, Cameron Dee

Corporate queen bee, Cameron Dee likes a little hawt rocker whore and new employee, Raven Rockette sure fits the bill with her ultra-short camo costume and fishnet gloves. Raven bows her recent boss’s rump over on her own desk and cups her hand over Cameron’s slot. Just who’s exploiting who here? They one as well as the other strip each other down to their insanely charming bodies with Raven’s damp backside being a highlight. Cameron digs her tongue unfathomable into Raven’s punk rock wet crack and makes this little scenester beauty truly sing! Then, Cameron lays back and watches her newest hire eat out her own shaved cunny! Appears love she is identified the right slut for the job!

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Ryan Hunter, Angelica Saint

If u love your babes skinny then your knob will be hard at the sight of darksome brown swim dress babe Ryan Hunter sunbathing nude. Inside the house, sexy blond Angelica Saint is too watching the video unfold, caressing her slot through her underware at the sight of the nubile honey mere feet away from her. She walks outdoors and suggests juvenile Ryan a massage, which she willingly accepts, but soon things get wicked and the girls are flicking their booties jointly! They move inside where they kiss passionately and Ryan unveils an incredible aptitude for slot tongueing, tonguing Angelica’s love tunnel and banging her with a dildo. Then Angelica puts on the ding-dong!

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Hitomi – Hitomi & Natalie

Hitomi & Natalie

Hitomi & Natalie

A rare meeting in a behind-the-scenes clip. It doesn’t receive more rare than this. Two boob goddesses meet and learn about every other. And what do they learn? Some of what they learn are sexy words! Sexy words for kewl chicks.

Hitomi is asked to describe her impression of Mexico. That babe has not at all been there previous to. Hitomi’s translator and girlfriend is at her side to translate from English to Japanese and then back again.

“Hot but fashionable,” Hitomi replies. She giggles a lot. Always so happy. What does Hitomi crave to do almost all of all in Mexico. “Eat tacos,” says Hitomi, using a hand gesture to make a point which acquires everybody laughing. Hitomi uses the word “taco,” not a Japanese word for it. Apparently there is none.

And then the big breasted super-natural Natalie Fiore comes into the bedroom during the time that Hitomi is changing into a hot tuxedo costume. She is asked her impression of Hitomi. Natalie declares that Hitomi is the hottest beauty in SCORELAND of the final hardly any years. Natalie explains why in her opinion. This babe is very impressed by Hitomi.

Natalie walks over to Hitomi. The idea is for Hitomi to teach Natalie how to say certain words in Japanese. Words such as “boobs.” “Big Billibongs.” “Sexy.” “Ass.” “Mouth.” “Tongue.”

And then Hitomi translates some slutty English phrases into Japanese.

If solely the United Nations could get along adore this.

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Dillion Harper, Kiera Winters

Two of the hottest high-school doxies you’ll see today, Dillion Harper and Kiera Winters just came home from a party and they’re brimming with erotic tension. Kiera admits her crush for Dillion and they join their lips together in a passionate, fleshly kiss. Kiera takes off Dillion’s top and starts flicking her perky tits with her tongue. Then Kiera lazily removes Dillion’s firms and worships that perfectly tight legal age teenager kiss. Previous to you know it, those darksome brown cuties are eating out every others’ hairless love tunnels and even scissor-fucking each other until one as well as the other their luscious love tunnels have been fingered and pleasured to the heights of climax and then some! Do not blink!

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Lacie James, Charlee Monroe

Charlee Monroe is a such sneaky little cooter hunter! She sees that her bestfriend, Lacie James is having woman chaser troubles and invites her over for a vid night. When they’re all alone in the living room, Charlee makes her move and gently starts giving a kiss Lacie’s soft shoulders. The trap is set and Lacie is infirm to Charlee’s sapphic charms. To seal the deal, Charle busts out her magic wand toy and sets that bonkers bastard on super vibrate! View those two beautiful sweeties grind the cunts jointly and twiddle their clits with the wand and then finish things off with a hot 69! Who needs bucks, when you have got naughty girls with toys!

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The Magnificent Rencounter

The Magnificent Meeting

There’re two total breast goddesses in Europe. ‘cuz of federal limitations in the U.S. since 2005, they, adore other European models, cannot come to USA and pose. During the time that this law continues to be debated in the YOU.S. courts, those models have to be photographed out side the country. This is the case with the super-natural superwomen Natalie Fiore and Micky Bells. We couldn’t shoot ’em at our studio in Miami, Florida, so we flew them to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

In this movie, Micky is wearing a low-cut, red, button-down sweater that doesn’t cover majority of her butt and a brassiere that flaunts lots of top cleavage wobblers. She is also wearing a garter, stockings and see-through straps. Spectacular.

Micky speaks in English to the digital camera.

“I have a surprise for you boys,” that babe says. “I have a friend with me that has whoppers as big as mine.”

Natalie enters. This babe is wearing a mini-skirt and a blue, tight sweater over a pointy brassiere. Is she real or a computer-generated image? Such sweethearts do not actually exist in the flesh, do they? Yeah, they do. They are incredibly rare, and the ones who take off their attractive clothing on-camera are even more uncommon. That’s why it’s important to appreciate them.

It resembles Natalie is intend to be the seducer and Micky the seduced. They every strip and worship the other’s plush body–sucking and kissing teats and burying faces in deep cleavages. Their whoppers demand worship. They desire nipple-gasms.

Breast orgasms do exist. They are not a fringe, uncommon occurrence in women. They depend on the sensitivity of a woman’s mammaries. In one study by Dr. Herbert Otto, 29% of 213 female subjects had enjoyed a breast orgasms. How do u get a job adore that, studying knockers?

I cant watch any chronic boobaholic ever getting sufficient of Micky and Natalie, either–separately or together. Even if Natalie and Micky did acquire into slit play with every other, it would take away time that could be spent on their mammoth bosoms.

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Valory Irene – Rubbing The Right Way

Rubbing The Right Way

Rubbing The Right Way

In this Chapter of Large Boob Finishing School, dominant-bitch Michelle Bond assembles her buxom, international students in the kitchen for a recent lesson. Michelle teaches her classes that when a lady-killer comes home from work, his woman should be wearing a attractive clothes and be prepared to have his dinner ready. Eden demonstrates Miss Bond’s lesson plan.

Michelle quizzes Sophie about answering the door when her smooth operator comes home. What should she do? Sophie tells her the answer Michelle doesn’t want to hear. That exasperates Michelle and she sends Sophie off to her room to re-read her tutorial, “The Supreme Guide To Lovely Guys.” Sophie leaves the kitchen with a glum expression.

Now Michelle urges a game of role-playing. What should a ladies man expect when that ladies man acquires home? A valuable rubdown to soothe his overtired body and mind. Valory volunteers to play the role of the petticoat chaser. This babe climbs on the table. The girls help disrobe Valory and they gel her glamorous body. This rub-down will be epic.

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Lana Ivans – Rubbing The Right Way

Fondelling The Right Way

Rubbing The Right Way

A selection of on-the-set pix from the Greater than typical Boob Finishing School Chapter, “Rubbing The Right Way.” Dominatrix-bitch Michelle Bond requests a volunteer to play the chap coming home after work and what his girlfriend should do to make him pleased. One of those things is a worthy, soothing massage to rub out the problems and stresses of the day. Miss Bond, the author of “The Preeminent Guide To Pleasing Men” has the right idea! Valory volunteers!

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Brown Sugar, Sandi Jackmon

We’re just in time to see 2 nice-looking ebon hotties feast on every other’s snatches! That’s what I call fortunate, as Brown Sugar and Sandi just now go to work on the sofa, getting at each other’s bigger than typical milk shakes and palatable twats, and touching with tongue and mouthing all over ’em. They’ve got smth even more beefy than their tongues to get one one more off, as they initiate whipping out the marital-devices to make those snatches purr. They every receive their holes opened up and slammed by the toys, getting off over and over again from the sensation, before they scissor together and grind their juicy boxes against one some other to acquire a thrill that cant be beat!

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Linsey And Ines Cudna

Linsey And Ines Cudna

This photo shoot from Maximum Insertion is very unlike the video version. It skips the swimming pool side collision of Linsey and Ines Cudna as seen in the episode and goes right to their luxurious hideaway where they canoodle on the bar top instead of reclining on the sectional sofas. They also break the “fourth wall” by posing to the digi camera in various side-by-side boob-holding and pussy-spreading positions maintaining direct eye contact with the viewer. Which encounter is better, hotter, wetter? That is up to u lads individually. Some will prefer video; others photographs. About this LinseysWorld posting, this pictorial has not been scheduled for print publication in SCORE, but for these who own an LDM magazine collection, four pictures were printed in the December 2004 SCORE as a four page Episode Pick.

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Niki, Gabriella, Eva

There are tons of obese lesbian curves in this hotty on cutie three-way! Beautiful and curvy blonde Niki teams up with mature gals Gabriela and Eva for some intense cooche licking with tongue enjoyment. With 3 bulky honeys in the flick there are lots of poses to be had, with the hawt honey bunnys taking turns sitting on every others’ faces and lying in a circle, licking with tongue and touching every others’ holes. It is like these honeys haven’t licked for a week as they take every others’ twats, tits and booties with real vigor! U can tell that these girls are real lezbos – just check out the way that they French kiss passionately in betwixt bouts of hot oral stimulation!

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