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Hotty Marie, Baby Doll

Goddess Marie and Baby Doll might look love they’re fascinating and sinless, but in actuality they are the horniest darksome lesbos that you’re ever gonna come across. They also have one of the majority gorgeous vibrator boxes that I have ever seen. They are whipping them out right at the beginning of the scene, although they are not used that much to begin with. They wait until their love tunnels are wonderful and moist previous to they truly begin with the darksome lesbian insertion action – but one time they acquire started it’s subrigid to acquire ’em to stop.

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Lorna Morgan – Voyeur



Terry Nova is in a state of sultry ecstasy. The sights, sound and heat of this tropical fantasy island have gotten to her. That babe would not be the first gal to “go native.” When Terry goes into the beach house, this babe hears a mild buzzing sound and investigates.

Miss Nova sees Lorna Morgan exposed beneath a robe sat in a bath and carefully trimming her snatch with an electric trimmer. This erotic sight sends a wave of erotic passion coursing throughout Terry’s own snatch. She starts masturbating herself as that babe spies on Lorna–so turned on is she.

When Lorna finishes her grooming, she turns the shaver upside-down and applies the vibrating base to the top of her lips and her clit. Waves of pleasure flood the Welsh woman’s charming body. How many husbands and boyfriends would ever suspect that their honeys are doing the same thing in their bathrooms with an innocent-looking electric shaver?

Meanwhile, Terry proceeds to masturbate thinking of Lorna and what she’s doing to herself. It is mutual masturbation in secret.

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Brobdingnagian Bouncy bosoms Of Britannia

Brobdingnagian Breasts Of Britannia

Dave and I got to know Susie Wilden when she came to the States to pose at SCORE after first bare modeling for TSG in the United Kingdom. Now that hotty was a lot of fun! Brit girls in general are very cheery, laid back and bubbly. They talk to people love they’ve known ’em their complete life. Linsey, Lorna, Kerry and other Brits are love this too. We recently discharged a Brit named Bex Shiner, who was a Greater than typical Brother contestant on Great Britain television, and Lily Madison, and they were the same way. Very bouncy and happy-go-lucky. I’ve not at all had the chance to meet Laura Bailey in person, but I have heard from numerous Brits that she’s too an upbeat goddess.

This uncommon duet filmed in London at the old SCORE studio is packed with nipple-sucking, breast-worship and toy-banging. It’s the solely time I know of that those 2 blonde Britons jumped every other’s fleshy curves. Their juggs and asses are all over the daybed, and they look love they’re truly savoring the moment.

I enjoyed how they commence off looking at Curvacious magazines in ottoman. Seeing the mags or the DVDs in a layout or a clip is something I love. If the glamour models are gonna be reading something as an opener to a scene, why not one of our mags instead of a book off the shelf?

Susie retired fairly early and dropped totally out of sight. Laura hasn’t modeled in years. I remember letters coming in from browsers who were completely insane over Laura. This babe merely modeled for a short time starting in the January 2000 Curvacious. That babe posed for five more V-mag pictorials and one XL Gals photo-shoot. Laura once told me smth that cracked me up.

“I drive but not legally. Any cars that allies are daft enough to lend me.”

Hopefully she’s gotten her license by now. I would go for a ride with her any time.

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Alana Play, Madison Luv

Madison Luv and Alana Play are addicted to the taste of slit — or at least that’s how it looks in this tasty scene that stars ’em. They use double ended dildos and hot belt ons but the almost all fantastic parts are when they go muff-diving because they do it with conviction and passion!

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Suzanne Kelly, Chloe James

Hot fireworks Chloe James is one king-size tit Voluptuous fantasy. Her busty naturals are breathtaking, and her bald clam will make any charmer or vixen leaking below the belt. Tall skinny nano titty female Suzanne Kelly is dying to do naughty things to Chloe’s hawt body and powerful fuckhole. Chloe was sick of micro dickheads and stud’s with wild sweeties on the side, now she’s all about the grab and having a hot Latin babe female work her humongous bouncy scones and her hot tattooed backside. This harlots clip and lick nipps with their tongues and lash the hell out of every others’ succulent juicy fur pie. We lost track of how many times they made each other jism.

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SaRenna And Rocki Roads

SaRenna And Rocki Roads

“Hi there. I’m currently a subscriber of SaRennasWorld.com, and am fairly satisfied with the content, except for one thing. My much loved girl-girl pictorial of SaRenna, the one with Rocki Roads, has not been featured on your website yet. It was one of the hottest things I had ever watched on Scoreland.com, but the image selection and picture size left a lot to be desired.”-SaRennasWorld member.

Here we go, with a re-scanned and color balanced “SaRenna & Rocki” originally published in March 1998 SCORE Mag. It is one of the all-time paramount SaRenna pictorials.

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Paramount Cherry Brady: Cherry Meets Angela White

Ultimate Cherry Brady: Cherry Meets Angela White

This chapter of Paramount Cherry Brady is historic in the world of naturally chesty babes. It is the first time that Cherry met Australian SCORE and V-mag supermodel Angela White. The 2 gals would subsequently team afresh for the Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling or B.L.O.W. with Annie Swanson and Brandy Talore.

The pairing of Cherry and Angela is adore fondelling two sticks of dynamite together. It’s solely a matter of time previous to the explosion. Angela takes off her sexy garments under dictates from the redheaded temporary boss of TSG in Cherry’s office and has her purse examined. Cherry finds contraband snuck in by Angela. Larger than run of the mill fucking toys that women use to acquire massive orgasms.

Angela and Cherry use their tongues and toys on every other to reach the peak of bitch cutie ecstasy. Areolas, pussies and other erogenous zones are totally gratified and wet with vagina juices and saliva and there’s too lots of zesty pillow talk. This is not some languorous girl-on-girl scene shot in soft-focus throughout wine glasses. This is a indecent, big busted, lusty slam-bam whamathon with non-stop mouthing, touching with tongue and toy-banging and erotic, hot girl-talk.

In the second part, Angela interviews Cherry in ottoman and the 2 super-women have a fun-packed fun bags and wazoo chat party that comes close to turning into one more two-girl orgy

Great moments in big-tit history!

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Ravisher Dior, Delotta Brown

Beauty Dior and Barbiee are the almost all handsome darksome lezbos that you’ve ever viewed, with ideal dark scoops and luscious twats that will just make u desire to get down and kick off eating yourself. They undress down to no thing but leave their heels on, and then the fur pie licking begins in craving. They are delicate with it at 1st, tongues lapping up against lovely little clits. The moans are all real, as is the raunchy chemistry betwixt those two. They can’t live with out fucking each other with their tongues, and they keep on going stiff.

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Frankie Vixen, Eve Taylor

Eve Taylor is a bubbly black brown nearly overweight but not petite either. This super enchanting, shapely group sex doll wastes no time gettin’ at her skinnier girlfriend, Frankie Vixen’s little wobblers. Then, Eve throats south and snacks on Frankie’s oozing vag, working her clit to maximum effect. Then, as if that was not hot enough, those 2 impure birds start smashing their vaginas jointly in a sexy snatch crush that’s sure to steam up your screen!

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Alissa Ashley, Friend

Alissa loves to trick the untrickable. Friend took some convincing but after a little slight talk it was on! Friend has a tight bawdy cleft with an abundance of juices, luscious and delicate to say the least! Come have joy this uncommon delicacy sooner than later!

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Larger than typical Tit Slim Dip: Toying With Valory & Lana

Big Tit Skinny Dip: Toying With Valory & Lana

One day, nations will get along as well as Romanian Lana Ivans and Ukrainian Valory Irene. Valory beckons Lana to receive off the raft and come to her. Lana scoots off it, her balls-on-a-string toy still inside her muff, and bobs over to Valory. The Bigger in size than average Tit Slender Dip underwater digi camera is willing to enslave their aquatic fling.

Valory not fast removes the toy and the 2 girls commence grinding and fondelling their submerged bodies jointly. They gyrate their thighs rhythmically, the digi camera just inches from their marvelous slits and booties.

The gals end their aquatic dances and leave the pool. “I have a surprise for u,” Lana says, and dips into her bag to reach for something. The surprise this babe has for Valory is a larger than run of the mill, pink toy that rotates and has a mounted clit-stimulator.

Valory gets on a recliner, taking the toy and inserting it into her wet crack. That babe turns it on and starts to not fast bonk herself. Lana looks on fascinated and turned-on as she rubs Valory’s leg. Lana’s face reveals the erotic glee that babe is feeling as this babe watches Valory masturbate. Valory gets hotter and hotter, banging herself faster and faster to an orgasmic blast-off.

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Stacey Specie, Mya Mason

Rabbit marital-aids may look humorous, but those 2 dark women unveil that they are likewise unbelievably hawt. The bigger than standard blue rabbit vibe is just one of several sextoys they use on every other, working one another’s pussys like jackhammers until they both have screaming orgasms.

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