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Chloe And Jill

Chloe And Jill

Chloe And Jill

In October, 1992, Chloe and company traveled to Tokyo, Japan for a few days to photograph her against the scenic splendor of that valuable nation. One of their contacts was the legendary Japanese photographer Momo, who interviewed her for Japanese fans. For a study in body contrast, Chloe posed with Jill, a long-haired lanky Dutch adult model originally from Harlem in the Netherlands. The setting was a captivating Japanese garden in Tokyo. Chloe is wearing an authentic Geisha Girl suit as she portrays a “maiko” or newcomer geisha. (Geisha means “person of the arts.”) Her face is not heavily powdered in style of the Geisha “mask.” This photo-shoot was a novelty. Chloe even supresses a chuckle in the opening sequence. There’s no full nudity and the posing has an awkward look to it. They couldn’t perform a true or even simulated girl on girl in this location. There is very little explicit sexuality, solely a hardly any open leg poses and majority of the time, their bottoms are fully overspread. During this voyage, Chloe also posed with a real Japanese model named Yuko Yamada, whose scoops were bigger in size than Jill’s.

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Carmen Hayes, Dena Caly, Kim Pleasures

Carmen Hayes, Dena Caly, and Kim Pleasures are all darksome lesbos with great cool asses, sweet chocolate bawdy cleft, and a love for cunnilingus. They start off with a rather sultry interview, and as they commence dancing each other down u too need to watch that they are packing some great mambos as well. They acquire nasty with each other real rogering fast, pushing each other down on the ottoman and crawling all over every other. They are trying to acquire their lips on that ravishing snatch, and in advance of lengthy all three of them have gotten their carpet munched.

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Crystal & Cindy’s Big Tit Adventure

Crystal & Cindy’s Greater than standard Tit Adventure

Crystal & Cindy's Bigger than average Tit Adventure

One as well as the other Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps are retired from dancing and adult modeling, so it’s been off-putting for me not to see ’em in the SCORE building anymore. As Dave will tell u, they’ve been here so many times since 2001 that sometimes it felt love they were part of the crew. I rarely list beloved SCORE Angels coz I guess an editor should be impartial, but I’ll admit they are 2 of my all-time favorites and I thought they retired likewise in a short time. I mean, they could have waited until they were Fifty or so. What’s the rush?

Lots of SCORE Dudes know Cindy and Crystal’s history with the mag and with each other so to go into that here would take pages. Lengthy story short, they started jointly as strippers. They met at a lap dancing club called T&A in Muncie, Recent York and hit it off as allies. They’d talk about stripping together as feature headliners, but it not at all happened.

“We were going to be a duett act and call ourselves The Atomic Bombs,” Crystal told. Crystal became a feature dancer by herself and stayed in New Jersey. Cindy moved to Florida from The Bronx and became a house dancer at Cheetah 3 in Pompano Beach. But they remained allies.

We used to ask them all the time if they’d consider doing a girl-girl jointly. It appeared to be a natural pairing. Pervs like us have little shame and if you don’t ask, you don’t acquire. If a glamour model says no, then no harm, no dirt, and everyone moves forward. So u can’t knock a perv for trying. This scene is the outcome of years of semi-begging. U watch, being allies and seeing each other as allies, they felt atypical about getting raunchy.

“If I was to do a girl-on-girl, Cindy would probably be my 1st pick, or Chelsea Charms, because these are my 2 almost any good friends,” Crystal told in 2005, two years before this scene (and their individual Love bubbles & Tugs scenes jacking and breast-fucking bucks) was shot. “But I’d receive to think about that one. I know Cindy desires to do one. That babe is always telling me, ‘Let’s do a girl-on-girl!’ I still must think about it.”

“Crystal’s very outgoing, and she is tons of enjoyment,” said Cindy, who originally introduced us to Crystal. “I’m very quiet. Whenever we’re together, she just takes over for me. That babe is like my protector. Whenever I don’t say smth, she’ll speak up for me.” Cindy was ready for a titty and clitty fest since that babe had done hardcore girl-girls here with Kandi Cox and Summer Sinn.

The first time they posed together was for a body comparison discharge in the August 2003 SCORE magazine. They posed side-by-side in their dancer outfits and got undressed down to their high heels. Four years later, they lastly decided to try their one and only all-out girl-on-girl scene with Cindy banging Crystal with a strap-on rubber cock, Crystal fucking Cindy with it and the couple playing with every other’s humongous milk cans.

I too enjoyed their conversation with each other as they kissed, sucked, fingered and toyed. It was very natural, and the beauties did not porn it up with fake, exaggerated groaning and stock porn phrases or play up to the digi camera.

Dave has mentioned that he too enjoyed seeing the photos of them in Miami Beach that begins the pictorial. So did I. That is not in the movie, which spreads with Cindy and Crystal already on the terrace of the highrise. I urge it were.

As things turned out, this was one of the last girl-girls we shot. Girl-on-girl was super-popular in the 1990’s. In recent times, SCORE browsers have shown less and less interest in it. They’d rather see boy-girl or 2 gals and a human sex-toy. Maybe girl-on-girl will come back into favor. I guess it’s very sexy seeing 2 big busted beauties go at each other with out, as we say, any hirsute petticoat chaser wazoo blocking the watch.

Especially those two girls.

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Chloe And Julia

Chloe And Julia

Chloe And Julia

The consummate team-up of Chloe and Julia Miles was originally published in July 2001 SCORE Magazine to coincide with the international release of the movie scene Julia Miles: A Date With Seduction. (Seduction is played by…Chloe.) Over the summer of 2001, the movie scene became a top seller. Seeing Julia and Chloe do every other drove both Chloe and Julia Studs wild. The hardly any lovely seconds of them speaking German to each other was too brief! What would be the result of the two of them taking on one man, as in Supreme Chloe? The idea is mindboggling — but the odds appear to be lengthy.

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Lucy Fire, Flame

Lucy and Flame are lesbian girlfriends who give an open look into their sex lives. They are both interviewed for awhile about their sexuality and then the girls begin to kiss passionately. Flame undresses Lucy and begins tongueing and giving a kiss down her body. That babe sucks on her nipps, getting them nice and vertical. Flame licks and gropes Lucy’s legs and every inch of ’em making like to her. Lastly they receive Lucy without her jeans and Flame starts to lap up her slit and makes her see stars. After awhile it’s Lucy’s turn to munch rug and she starts to eat Flame’s grab adore it was chocolate flavored, giving her a admirable big O.

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When Porn Star Meets Glamour Girl

When Porno star Meets Glamour Girl

When Sex star Meets Glamour Girl

During our week in Eleuthera, the Bahamas, in June 2007, Lorna Morgan used her breaks from shooting pix and vids to read and work on her PC and chat with the other angels, mostly Angela White and Christy Marks. Oh, and to acquire the latest on the mosquito situation. These no-see-ums were killers that week, Lorna will tell you.

Gianna Rossi used her breaks to undress off soever captivating raiment that babe still had on (usually none), grab a towel, walk out to the beach, jump in the water and sunbathe in nature’s garb. And there, splayed out on her towel, wearing not a stitch of clothing, a true sun goddess if ever there was one, Gianna was showing more on the beach than Lorna usually did in her photo shoots and vids.

So when I heard that we were planning to do a girl-girl scene with Lorna and Gianna, my 1st reaction was, “What?” And my second reaction was, “Lorna’s ok with that?” Because although I knew there would be ground rules for this scene (no strap-ons, no vagina fingering, no sucking the love tunnel juices off every other’s fingers), I likewise knew that Gianna was, at heart, a pornstar. I mean, this is the goddess who showed up in Eleuthera and the first thing that babe asked was, “Where’s the meat-thermometer?” Words that have never emanated from Lorna’s face hole.

I gotta say, I didn’t know how this would figure out. Would Gianna come down to Lorna’s level of heat? Or would Lorna rise to Gianna’s level?

I’m cheerful to say that Lorna rose higher than Gianna came down.

There’s deep-tongue kissing, tit engulfing, some very aggressive sexual behavior by Lorna, Gianna screwing Lorna’s bawdy cleft with her areolas and lots of grinding. At a dunky in number points, it looks as if Gianna was tempted to go down on Lorna’s cum-hole. She doesn’t, but u know what? I am not sure Lorna would have stopped her. That babe was that into it.

This is, by far, Lorna’s hottest scene ever, and u know what? I think it’s one of Gianna’s hottest scenes, too. It’s proof that plenty of valuable things can happen even when the cookie isn’t involved. Yes, the love tunnel does receive involved. At the end, every cutie rubs herself to big O. But if they hadn’t, I do not think that would’ve made the scene any less hawt.

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Chloe And Kathy

Chloe And Kathy

Chloe And Kathy

Those Chloe lovers who saw “Ultimate Encore” have marveled at how well Kathy and Chloe fit together. Kathy aka “Russian Kathy” (a Russian ex-pat living and working in London, England) is a good ally of Chloe. They met each other throughout the John Graham Studio in London, where Kathy was brought in many times when they needed a hawt Lesbi with tons of experience in seducing and masterful the act in girl-on-girl clips. Chloe and Kathy spent many hours just talking and communicating when Chloe was in city. They have a loving relationship that is bursting with eroticism, sensuality and sexuality and they feel wonderful about being jointly. When those 2 have sex, it’s the real deal with window shattering orgasms.They know every others’ snatches perfectly. It acquire to be a biochemical thing going on as well. Kathy actually loves the taste, smell and feel of the cuntal zone as much as Chloe does, unlike many lady porno stars who do lesbi scenes just as a undressed modeling job for the dough. Kathy has appeared in Bosom Buddies #3 (with Autumn-Jade), Bosom Buddies #4 (with Cassandra, then Unshaved Clare) and Bosom Buddies #5 (with American blonde Ginger), Topmost Chloe (The only time this babe acquiesced to shag a guy–her boyfriend Matt. A shame coz she handles 10-Pounder more worthy than a experienced hooker.), Big-Boob Euro Chicks (nailing Annette Christianson) and BabyFace Xtra #2 (with Claire Marie).

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Lacey Duvalle, Simone

Lacey Duvalle and Simone are rather charming dark lesbis, and they are all over each other from the initiate of this scene all the way to the end. Their fullsome funbags acquire played with first, with Lacey lowering her head and working her tongue all over her nipp. Simone just throws her head back and moans at the top of her lungs previous to they end up taking off their briefs and going for the grand finale of dark bawdy cleft licking. These women are just out of this world for sure. I’d like to screw either one of them.

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Krystal Wett, Misty Stone

These 2 very hot girls bring double the trouble and are ready to have double the joy. Both angels have small perky zeppelins to go along with their constricted bodies. Krystal and Misty Stone commence groping each other and take turns touching each others’ snatches. Their make their hot asses jiggle right in advance of they brandish every other just how well they can finger screw every others’ vaginas. Every hawt honey uses a marital-device in the others’ bawdy cleft, watching as every bawdy cleft acquires more and more soaked and each beauty explodes with orgasmic fun.

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Kianna And Lexxi’s Big busted Lesbo Session

Kianna And Lexxi's Stacked Lesbo Session

Petite and Big-Boob Lexxi Tyler was surprised at 1st when she sauntered into room 6969. That babe was waiting to see a lady-killer when she was hired for this date. This babe didn’t wait to see Asian beauty Kianna Dior sitting there with a stack of bills in her hand. Kianna’s been impaled by hundreds of knobs and drenched in man-batter just as many times. Tonight, Kianna desires to be serviced totally by a gracious gal with a long tongue and a pink love tunnel. Lexxi is cheerful. She loves a worthy grab as much as a chap does. Kianna leans back in the chair, her pussy undressed by her crotchless briefs. Lexxi kisses and licks Kianna’s pussy. Kianna is anxious to taste shaven, clean cunt herself. Lexxi screws Kianna with a finger, driving the brunette into spasms of orgasmic ecstasy. Lexxi puts on a strap-on and Kianna, known around the free world as one of the foremost and messiest deep-throaters, takes the toy in her throat. This is when the naughty, impure whore comes out of both babes. When Kianna takes the strap-on in her sopping juicy twat while on her back, this babe cums inflexible.

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Chloe And Melinda

Chloe And Melinda

Chloe And Melinda

Melinda was a youthful model originally from Budapest, Hungary looking for work in the Great Britain. That babe got along famously with Chloe due in no slight part to their European outlook. Melinda was everything in a beauty that wanton Chloe, such as freshness, a pretty face and an fetching, hot body in the prime of youth and femininity. Melinda fit in well to Chloe’s crave to dominate, especially a frail, weaker cutie out of much lesbian experience under her garter belt. Melinda herself was fascinated by Chloe’s gigantic, heavy mangos. As a tiny-hootered beauty with a bit of envy about her lack of sweatermeat bulk, Melinda enjoyed the feel of Chloe’s whoppers.

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Envy Kenya, Candice Nicole

When Candace and Envy acquire jointly, it ain’t just for a cup of coffee. These hawt lesbo goddesses like to eat, drink and sleep pussy! Look at as Candace starts the scene dildoing her succulent seize to the point of climax. Then Envy Kenya enters the room with a tight body and a bag full of toys and role playing goodies. Soon the hawt pair is kissing, petting and panting with sensual excitement. Before long, Envy is finger-banging and inserting the kitchen sink into Candace’s hungry fur pie. That babe then tries on a strap-on and starts fucking Canadace the way this babe can’t live without it, inflexible and fast.

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