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Chica – The Body Comparison

The Body Comparison

The Body Comparison

Valory and Chica became fast friends when they met. Dominican Chica even took Ukrainian Valory around for a travel of the area when they had some play time. Long-time member N.C. thinks that Chica appears love the illustrious Savida. Facially, Chica seems more love legendary Stacked Angelique. As for Valory, no one’s comparing her to any other glamour models. Some say her bosoms remind ’em of Danni Ashe’s renowned scones. In this movie, Chica and Valory get down to the sound and shake their booties and boobies in a body beat. It appears love Valory doesn’t mind leaving the cold of her town for the warmth of the Caribbean. The ass-swinging traditions of the Dominican Republic appears to be to accede with Valory. One of the great pleasures in life is when curvaceous beauties dance and bounce their boppers. Those 2 have it down.

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Ivy Dreams – Bikini Busting

Bikini Busting

Bikini Busting

In the XL movie scene Bigger in size than standard Gal Sex School, the four students, Peaches LaRue, Sweet Libra, Madi Jane and Ivy Dreams assemble on the wooden bridge over the swimming pool at Miss Shugar’s estate. For the whole week, they shall be dressed in swimsuits as they have been instructed to by their teacher, Miss Shugar, a Texas-born dominatrix of plumper sex.

The first thing that Miss Shugar craves her class to do is rub greasy oil on each other in an erotic and sensuous way. This is to teach every girl in carnal rubdown techniques. Ivy and Madi pair off and Libra and Peaches couple off. This becomes a five lady breast oiling session which must be seen to be believed, especially the five gal big-ass oiling!

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Valory Irene – The Body Comparison

The Body Comparison

The Body Comparison

Chica and Valory became fast friends during Valory’s visit to the Dominican Republic. Birds of a feather hang together. They indeed appreciate immense titted girls there and the 2 senoritas attracted quite a bit of attention. They hung out a lot jointly during the travel and went off-road to visit some local sights. In the episode, u can watch Chica and Valory shaking their tail feathers to the Latin beat at pool side. Everybody loved that too!

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Ivy Dreams – Arrival



Peaches La Rue, Ivy Fantasies, Lovely Libra, Madi Jane and Shugar hooked up to shoot the movie scene Large Goddess Sex School and our cameras were at the entrance as Shugar welcomes the four students when they arrive at the school. If you have ever wondered what XL Gals wear during the time that traveling to their destinations in real life, well, here you go! Peaches appears to be to show the almost all deep cleavage but the other vixens are no slouches either!

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Ana – Annie Swanson & Ana

Annie Swanson & Ana

Annie Swanson & Ana

“I’ve got real sensitive teats,” gorgeous Annie Swanson told SCORELAND. “I love Them licked. I don’t adore Them sucked likewise much coz u indeed can’t feel that. I do not like ’em pinched truly rigid. Boyz receive a little carried away. They think because they’re large they can do more with Them, that they can be rougher with ’em. But they’re just as sensitive and tender as little pantoons.”

In chapter two of Topmost Annie Swanson, Annie meets with her employment agent and this chab sets her up with another job managing a ladies’ raiment store. The webcamming did not exactly suit Annie last time. Maybe job number two will be more excellent.

Ana walks in the store and browses the racks whilst Annie browses Ana’s rack. The store is empty so the girls have the time and privacy to enjoy a lesbi fling with meatballs and toys. This is what goes on in those ladies clothes boutiques that you can not come into.

Ana was a quiet, dunky and naturally full-bosomed girl-next-door and a swinger who dabbled in porn for about a year. She was a very wonderful match for Annie.

“I’m str8, but I like the occasional female,” said Annie.

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Minka – Minka & Letha Weapons

Minka & Letha Weapons

Minka & Letha Weapons

Letha Weapons was one of the highest SCORE Cuties of the 1990’s. Adore all of the mega-boobed stars of SCORE during that decade, Letha flew to London to shoot her SCORE episodes and pix with the John Graham workers. From Lisa Lipps, SaRenna Lee and Wendy Bosoms to Tawny Peaks and Big breasted Dusty, each huge-boobed magazine star went there to glamour model. The entire list of cuties including naturals such as Alexis Like and Chloe Vevrier is gigantic. Occasionally, there were shoots in Palm Springs, California. Sometimes there was criss-crossing and the angels were filmed jointly. Letha and Minka was one of these pairings in London.

Veteran SCORE collector and breast-man John from Des Moines, Iowa once wrote “When Minka 1st appeared in SCORE, I kept that copy and couldn’t expect to see her in other features. That babe is definitely the biggest-titted Oriental dominatrix-bitch I have seen, and I hope that she can maintain that distinction for a long-time.” Truly, while almost everyone from that time has retired, Minka continues on.

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Danni Ashe – Minka & Danni Ashe

Minka & Danni Ashe

Minka & Danni Ashe

During the Large ’90s era of the classic SCORE Angels such as LA Bust, Traci Topps, Angelique and many more, girl-girls were very popular. It was also a way to receive some explicit sex (at least in the video version of a scene) with the angels who would not screw boys on-camera, such as Colt Fourty five and Tawny Peaks.

East Meets Chest was Minka’s 1st girl on girl in November 1994 SCORE just now following her initial appearance in the October ’94 issue. Minka was coupled with the queen of the mainstream internet as she would be known numerous years later, Danielle “Danni” Ashe. To charter SCORE Men, the realization that Minka and Danni had at it 20 years ago may be a jolt.

Danni solely did girl-girls, as many bigger in size than run of the mill bust fans know, and did lots of them at the SCORE studio in London, Britain. Her sofa (or couch) partners in the ’90s included SaRenna, Chloe Vevrier, Becky Sunshine, Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Lisa Lipps, Traci Topps, the late Valerie Fields and more.

Almost any of those shapely beauties out-gunned naturally big breasted 32FF Danni in the breast department but not in the worship of teats, vaginas and other cutie bits. So she was a hawt sex-buddy for apprentice Minka.

At this time, Minka was not the mega-boobed “Tit-an” she would gradually become, so the contrast here is more the exoticism of a tanned and brunette Oriental vixen getting it on with a honey-blonde South Carolina native.

In the first part, Danni is the assertive one, tongueing Minka’s furry muff and stiffening her hyper-sensitive nipps (which a cool breeze can acquire vertical). Minka repays the favor by eating out Danni’s golden-haired seize. They receive into a 69. Danni fingers and tongues Minka’s hole, sucks on her areolas some more and then screws Minka with a big cock-shaped toy.

Danni retired in 2006 after selling her website and related companies following an wondrous run as an early pioneer of the adult web. Minka is still active to this day whilst almost all of her peers have too left the world of exotic dancing, adult modeling and porn.

A classic cum-hole love-in scene of 2 magnificent angels.

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Cassidy Banks, Ariana Grand

Young Ariana Grand is about to discharge her 1st slut-on-slut video with the exotic Cassidy Banks and she is getting nervous in front of the bright lights! Able carpet muncher seducer, Cassidy puts Ariana at ease with a slow, raunchy make-out session where this babe gently takes off Ariana’s top and petticoat and twirls her pussy softly with her tongue. Cassidy indeed buries her face into Ariana’s luscious fur pie and comes up with girly ejaculate soaked from her lips. Then, Ariana pays back the favor and makes Cassidy squeal!

Danni Ashe – Danni & Minka Encore

Danni & Minka Encore

Danni & Minka Encore

Opposites do attract sometimes. Minka and Danni may look on the surface like they have no thing in common but surface appearances can result in hasty judgments. They had no objections to sucking on each other’s pantoons and playing with their wet cracks during the time that the cameramen endevoured hard not to drop a load in their trousers.

Produced back-to-back with their bathtub photo shoot, the cuties changed into highly sexy low-cut mini-dresses and killer heels. If you like lezzie pictorials, this Minka-Danni pairing will assist pop your nuts real fine. Being a Danni photo discharge, there is no fake penis below the pillow. Minka being Minka, there would have been no objection to bawdy cleft sex-aids being used. What really shocked Danni about Minka (off-camera) was the Asian superstar’s legendary appetite…for food. Minka could eat a meal fit for 2 hefty bucks and at not time gain an ounce, a talent any glamour model would envy.

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Chaz – Chocolate & Vanilla

Chocolate & Vanilla

Chocolate & Vanilla

“Chaz has the humongous breasts I have ever felt in my life,” told Hannah Callow. “She was very pleasant and I enjoyed each second with her.” This is the rare and weird pairing of two completely different TSG Cuties from the England.

Hannah Callow was a skilled adult entertainer from Manchester, Great Britain who initially appeared at SCORE in 1999. She got a boob job and became a hardcore pornstar (SCORE Xtra 8 and Ultimate Julia Miles in a lezzie scene with Julia). Hannah periodically dropped without sight and would return with different-colored hair. Hannah was always reinventing herself but love most British models, she used her real name.

Chaz worked in an office and modeled part-time. That babe took the bus to work and modeled at SCORE‘s London studio on weekends or days off. A quiet goddess, Chaz was invited to USA for On Location Key Largo, shot in Florida. Her co-stars in the film were Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie and Chloe Vevrier. This DVD is one of the best-sellers at eBoobStore.com to this day.
Hannah appeared in the English tabloids some years agone for cursing during an argument on the Thursday Night Live TV flaunt. “My parents did not speak to me for two days,” this babe later said a reporter. “I don’t normally swear.”

Chaz left glamour modeling after Key Largo. All told, her career was likewise short considering all the opportunities this babe would have had as a naturally big busted girl. No one’s heard from Chaz in years, sorry to say.

Hannah is still shagging away in Great Britain and that’s bizarre after 16 years.

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Adrian Maya, Julie Kay

Adrian Maya has had a secret lesbian crush on her bestfriend, Julie Kay…and Julie just got dumped by her dummy spouse. Lastly, this is Adrian’s chance to tempt and bang her BFF! Adrian comforts Julie by giving her a warm hug and they two chicks finally kiss every other passionately, their longing flowing through every others’ bodies. Adrian can’t believe this babe finally has Julie all bare and rocks her world with some fleshly vagina-licking that will make Julie forget all about males. Then, Adrian breaks out her fake shlong and gingerly pushes it inside Julie’s darksome cooche and stimulates her, making her man juice and cum over and over…

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