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Filled Fishnets

Filled Fishnets

Filled Fishnets

U know why fishnets are sexy? It’s coz they have that old-fashioned, totty-standing-on-a-streetcorner thing going. Fishnets screech “I wanna receive laid!” And u know what? Boyz love ’em and so do gals. They look kinda horny, but sometimes looking sexually excited is alright for any beauty. This pictorial was published in the Holiday 2002 edition of Buxom magazine and earned quite a bit of approval mail. Was it the open crotch? Linsey’s nubile fuck-me poses? That certain gleam in her eyes? The upswept hair? The clothed nudity? Or all of it?

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Letters To Alexa

Letters To Alexa

Letters To Alexa

Slender, little blondes are always enjoyment. Especially ones with a handsome bush. So we asked Alexa (whom we featured in our September ’18 mag) to send in more pics. Along with our request, we forwarded her some fan mail and asked her if that babe got over her self-consciousness she spoke about in her first photo-shoot. “I’m blown away by how kind your browsers are,” this babe told us. “I’m still not a greater than typical fan of how miniature I am, but one of the boys who wrote to me said me that I am consummate just the way I’m. That meant a lot to me. And each man mentioned how badly they wish to feel my unshaved cunt on their cock. That’s so fucking hot! I hope I receive more sexy letters after those photos are published.

“I’m keeping my fan letters in a box with my marital-devices next to my ottoman. I usually just fantasize in my head when I masturbate, but lately I have been reading the letters and cumming adore barmy. I adore how many boyz complimented me.”

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The Sex Rituals of Mamazons Alexis & Shyla

The Sex Rituals of Mamazons Alexis & Shyla

Queen Alexis meets with her High Priestess Daylene in the jungle and tells her to prepare for a specific ritual. The Queen’s concubine Shyla is to be fully initiated into the Mamazon tribe in a secret ceremony.

Alexis instructs Daylene to bring Kevin and JMac to her chambers. As part of this carnal rite, Shyla and Kevin are given a potent psychotropic drink by Daylene that puts them in a sexual trance beneath the control of the Queen. Suddenly, JMac makes a break for it. Daylene is ordered to retrieve him and this babe takes off in pursuit of JMac.

During the time that JMac runs for his life, the Queen and Shyla have a threeway sex fuckfest with a hallucinating Kevin, now spellbound and out of his head. In the clutch of raunchy ecstasy, Kevin pounds both writhing Mamazons and copulates Alexis’ wazoo in an over-the-top ceremony. But await! This ritual is far from entire.

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Valory’s Secret Tropical Hideaway

Valory’s Secret Tropical Hideaway

Valory's Secret Tropical Hideaway

Valory models a multi-colored zebra patterned bikini top and yellow bottoms. Top and bottom cleavage overflow her bikini top. How great is bottom deep cleavage? Valory has it to spare. That babe sips a phat gulp through a straw, her lips curling around it sensuously as this babe sucks up the beverage in the hot Dominican sun. Valory removes her bathing dress top to expose her world-famous ski-sloped milk cans. Her areolae are so extraordinary, her nipps works of art–like the rest of her. Someone commented that it appeared to be to him that Valory’s nipps would change as this babe matures. That’s difficult to guess. Relish ’em now is our motto furthermore. Valory lets us admire her body some more; that babe allows us to soak our eyeballs with her firm, youthful flesh, then she drops her bathing dress knickers and lays on an outdoor couch so this babe can widen her new, young bawdy cleft and stick a finger inside. This is the kind of cutie that bucks one time dueled over.

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Charlotte’s Tan-lined Juggs

Charlotte’s Tan-lined Milk cans

Charlotte's Tan-lined Tits

Adore Russian Kathy, Charlotte also had a taste for cuties as sexy and as nice-looking as she was. Moreover Kathy, this babe coupled off with Jessica Turner, Linzi Cassidy and Annette Christianson. One of the last of her pictorials was a XXX with British fellow Lee Henshaw.

Charlotte began early, posing at the SCORE studio in London at the age of Eighteen. Like many big-boobed girls in their late teens, Charlotte was pleasingly Voluptuous with a fertility mastix, hourglass figure–well-proportioned and full-breasted.

This pictorial was photographed and published in 1999, appearing in the July issue of SCORE. Almost all men’s magazines publish a adult model one time and move on to the next gal. To this day, Voluptuous and SCORE readers are different ‘coz they wanna watch their dream girls over and over afresh. Charlotte had this effect on readers. The mailbox usually had an assortment of letters on a monthly basis praising Charlotte.

A movie scene of Charlotte, discharged in London and transferred to VHS tape, sold as Conquering Charlotte. In one scene, that babe checks out the sights of the city. Some of the footage from this tape was included in the DVD Mammary Lane TWO, still obtainable at the eBoobStore.

So where’s Charlotte this day as this babe approaches Fourty? That is the often-asked question of so many models who posed in their birthday suits at SCORE.

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Bathroom & Hooters With Kitty Cute

Bathroom & Milk sacks With Kitty Cute

Bath & Milk sacks With Kitty Cute

Kitty Cute is animated and horny. The tropics are a lengthy way from her home in Romania. The lush scenery, the lux, seaside rooms, the beaches and pools, the exotic food and the company of the other cuties, all of it stimulates Kitty’s senses. Kitty saw a swanky outdoor bathtub and choose it as the place for this boob-slappin’, clappin’, smackin’, lickin’, swingin’ scene.

Kitty’s photographer referred to her as a “walking pinup glamour model.” She likes to vamp it up and prance. When the beauties weren’t being photographed by the team, they were taking selfies or pix of each other.

“I wanna spend my life here,” Kitty gushed. Of course, she couldn’t. But maybe one day, she’ll return.

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Bahama Beauty

Bahama Dish

Bahama Beauty

“I’m a beach hotty,” big busted legend Lorna Morgan told. “I adore the beach. I adore the sand. I adore to be warm in any case, even if I’m at home, I adore to be warm. I like to be clothed up really warm if it’s cold or in front of the fire, so I just love the heat. I actually do not burn badly ‘cuz I am very careful.”

This scene was discharged in Eleuthera, The Bahamas. For Lorna, traveling to exotic places was the unsurpassable part of being a model.

“I had a woman agent so I worked for a whilst. And it was a matter of joke ‘cuz she was the one who kept telling me I should do pix, glamour pictures. This babe meant topless and nude. So that babe said, ‘Oh u should truly expose your fullsome funbags. They’re titanic! Come on, take them out for the boys.'”

Lorna took her advice and became an important member of the British Big-Boob takeover. More dudes seemed to fall in love with Lorna than with any other hotty, judging by the kind of emails and letters that Lorna got, and proceeds to get.

“Lorna Morgan is the quintessential V-Girl.
Slender, breasty and absolutely charming.
This babe does not do the naughty and that makes her all the more desirable.
Us V-Men need her virtuous, sensual, sensuous, sexy tanalize.
We don’t urge one more lad dangling around.
We like to fantasy that that babe is ours and ours alone.
This babe is every guy’s buxom dream date.
She is totally flawless.
So don’t lose sight of the single, virtuous, hot mastix for all us excited dreamers.” -J.B.

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Ass-fucked, cum-eating Mamma

Ass-fucked, cum-eating Mother

Ass-fucked, cum-eating mom

Tabby Tender, a 45-year-old divorcee and Mom of three, is all alone for the day when that babe hears a knock on her door.

“It must be Kyle,” Tabby says. Kyle is her son’s paramount friend, and when this ladies man barges in on her, this babe tells him this chab doesn’t must leave.

“I’m here bored by myself. Just come in,” she tells him. “Matthew will be gone all day. Why do not u come and stay with me? Hang out with me for the day.”

That babe means, “Fuck my throat, bawdy cleft and butthole.” That’s what this babe means.

He’s flustered.

“They do not must know everything. It’ll be our secret,” she tells him.

Well, kinda, especially now that their secret is on 50PlusMILFs.com.

This is an excellent encore by a lady who had at not time drilled on-camera in advance of that babe strolled into our studio. In her debut, she handled JMac’s large pecker love a accustomed, and now she is taking a stupendous porn meat-thermometer in her taut wazoo, and that babe is taking it hard. Kyle totally pounds her rectal hole, and when this chab can not hold back any longer, that babe tells him to cum on her arsehole. Which that dude does, and then Tabby reaches back, mambos up some cum and licks it off her fingers.

Gentlemen, that is something merely talented porno stars usually do.

“Whatever you can think of, I will try,” that babe said.

Tabby backs her words with action.

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Hawt, Single and Sassy

Hot, Single and Sassy

Sexy, Single and Sassy

Occupation: Pupil; Age: Eighteen; Born: July Twenty five; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 34A; Panties: Panties; Anal: By no means endevoured it; BJs: Gulp; Masturbate: When I am super amorous.

Danni is getting her associates degree in science. She says this babe can’t live out of plan to raves, but that babe also enjoys staying at home and playing cards. “I’m either doing smth totally wild or something totally calm. There’s no in-between with me!

“My on-again, off-again partner discharged those pictures. That chap wasn’t cheerful when I said him that I wanted to be in a magazine, but I told him that this stud doesn’t have a say in what I do, especially since we’re not officially jointly right now. The entire process turned out to be really enjoyment, and he had a precious time pretending to be a photographer.

“I like being in a relationship, but being single is tons of fun, also. I relish the fact that I can courting my allies and eye-fuck a cute lad without feeling guilty about semi-cheating. I am a nervous wreck when I’ve a boyfriend.”

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Desirae in Bondage

Desirae in Slavery

Desirae in Bondage

Desirae talks to SCORE Magazine Editor Dave Rosenbaum about being dominated in ottoman.
SCORE: What drives you potty sexually?
DESIRAE: I adore to be fingered in the ass and the twat at the same time. That gives me a pretty meaty greater than standard O. Likewise I like to be treated adore a sex villein during sex sometimes. And the more I feel like the bondman, the more aroused I get. I love to be treated adore a doxy, but the woman chaser has to respect me. I am a cutie who will bonk you so worthwhile if u treat me wonderful. I’ll nice-looking much do soever a Lothario wants me to in sofa if he treats me right.
SCORE: Anything one-on-one, u mean?
DESIRAE: I’d bring some other cutie to daybed with us.
SCORE: You wouldn’t be jealous seeing your partner with another goddess?
DESIRAE: This lady-killer cant touch her. Solely me.

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71-year-old Christina’s first on-camera XXX

71-year-old Christina's 1st on-camera XXX

“I’m really a female who likes dudes,” told Christina Starr, a 71-year-old wife, Mamma and grandmother who’s screwing on-camera for the first time.

“I think of myself as a man’s woman. I adore dudes of all long time,” Christina says to her fellow. “I especially like younger hawt fellows, and u look just about right for me.”

Brick, the man she’s going to suck and copulate, is 30 years mature. That means he’s juvenile enough to be her grandson. He’s not, certainly, but that man could be, for example, her grandson’s topmost friend.

“I just keep getting better sexually every year. Love a nice wine. Would u love a smack?” this babe asks him.

Brick urges a lot more than a smack, and so does Christina, who sucks his pecker and has him copulate her unshaved muff each which way before this dude cums on her pretty face. Mrs. Starr is not a cum dodger. But that babe is, as this babe said, “a little Southern beauty. 4th generation.” This babe was born in Recent Orleans and now lives in Texas.

“I’m adventurous. I’ll try anything. I have no inhibitions and I am gorgeous approachable. I think I am very affable,” that babe told. “I’ve had sex with studs 30 years younger than I’m.”

And now she’s having sex with a gent who’s Fourty one years younger than she’s.

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Sun On Her Ass cheeks

Sun On Her Buttocks

Sun On Her Buns

Zoe isn’t much of an outdoorsy type, but she does relish sunbathing exposed. In the safety of her backyard, she pulls down her top and tweaks her small, pointy nipps. Then this babe disrobes off all her sexy raiment and stands there in full exposed magnificence. We can see her beefy, outie twat. She beckons us to follow her inside. We’d follow her anywhere.

Zoe lies back on a bed and begins to rub her cunt, and we need to see up-close just how meaty her lips are. Zoe is a clit rubber, and once she starts masturbating that babe always has a finger on her button. She opens her lips and they open adore a blooming flower. This babe buries her finger inside her cum-hole whilst that babe continues to diddle her clit. The look of concentration on her face intensifies as she gets closer to larger than average O. This babe cums, lastly getting enjoyable release, and so will u.

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