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East Meets Breast

East Meets Breast

East Meets Breast

The one and the other Hitomi and Lily Madison were winners of SCORE‘s Greenhorn of the Year contest, Hitomi in 2012 and Lily in 2014. They met in Prague for a girl-on-girl unveil.

Both have similar bodies–slender, curvacious and big boobed. They come from absolutely different cultures but that’s no barrier to ’em getting it on and enjoying each other on-camera together for the first time. They’re one as well as the other raunchy and seductive girls with sex appeal that is off the charts.

Hitomi craves to taste the areolas and muff of this English girl. They brought along some party favors, a bottle of lotion and a thick toy. They’ll be going nipple-to-nipple 1st and then Hitomi will voyage her way down to Lily’s hawt box to take up with the tongue it and stick it. They don’t receive more girly-girl than these 2 girls.

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Following Through

Following Through

Following Through

Occupation: First-year student; Lives: Denver, Colorado; Age: 21; Born: May 12; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 113 pounds;
Bras: 32D; Panties: Panties; Anal: I like anal play; BJs: I guess swallowing is required; Masturbate: Daily!

Although Jade lives in Denver, that babe flew out to LA to scope out graduate schools. Our photographer ran into her on the street and convinced her to discharge some porn pics. “I’m a naturally horny cutie, and I thought your photographer wanted to shag me! I flirted and played along, and then this chab pulled out a digital camera, and I was adore, ‘Oh, shit. That woman chaser was serious about the porn thing.’ Then I thought, ‘fuck it! I might as well pursue through.’

“I’ve had some nice-looking insane sex before,” Jade told us. “One time on a road travel to Arizona, I gave my ally road head for, adore, half an hour. I couldn’t make him cum from the oral-sex, so I made him pull over and screw me on the hood of the car on the side of the road. We didn’t even a predicament to hide ‘coz it was on a tiny, rural, two-lane road with minimal traffic. Still, a bunch of people honked at us!”

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Ass-fucked by her grandson’s friend

Ass-fucked by her grandson’s friend

Ass-fucked by her grandson's friend

Maria Fawndeli is contemplating for her hubby to acquire willing so they can go to a party. He is dripping late. She’s impatient.

“You’re worse than a woman,” says Maria, who’s 60 years mature and wearing a sexy, cleavage-revealing costume.

When Maria walks downstairs, she sees her grandson’s ally, Brad, sat on the couch. Appears to be love he’s contemplating for Maria’s grandson to come home so they can go out.

So Maria sits down next to him.

And begins fondelling his wang.

And then this babe takes his pecker out and sucks it. Maria is a very noisy cock sucker. She gives juicy, sloppy blow jobs. And this babe seems to have forgotten that her boyfriend is upstairs. Until this ladies man comes downstairs and shouts…

“What the hell are you doing over there?”

He is angry but not as angry as you’d think he’d be.

“Well, if this is what you wanna do, u might as well have joy the hell out of it,” Mr. Fawndeli says. “Incredible.”

Yeah, astounding is right. Meanwhile, her grandson’s friend is slapping his weenie against her face and she’s sucking it love it’s corn on the cob. And then her grandson’s friend bonks her love tunnel.

“As long as you’re banging happy,” Mr. Fawndeli says.

And then her butt.

And then her grandson’s friend is cumming all over Maria’s face.

Has the appearance of they’re going to be late for that party.

And, yeah, Maria is very screwing pleased.

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Stockings Stuffed

Stockings Stuffed

Stockings Stuffed

All worthwhile girls receive their nylons rammed with goodies, and no one knows that more admirable than Leena Lane. This babe brandishes you her fetching legs and spanks herself for admirable measure. That babe prances and preens in her sheer and glossy tights in front of the fireplace, and then unwraps herself, so you can check out her suck her toes. It’s a very perky time with leggy Leena and that babe wishes to make sure that when you view her, it is not a lump of coal in your pocket that is causing the bulge in your trousers.

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Mariah takes on JMac

Mariah takes on JMac

Mariah takes on JMac

In this scene, 47-year-old Recent Jersey HORNY HOUSEWIFE Mariah James copulates JMac’s large penis. Somehow, JMac’s meat-thermometer looks even greater when Mariah is sucking and fucking it than it usually does. Who knows why that’s? It just is. That babe also takes his goo all over her face.

Mariah, who’s divorced, is a mom-next-door. That babe is not a swinger or nudist. People would be surprised to see her here. She is not a wild lady, at least compared to many of the other ladies we see here. Her wildest sexual experience?

“Sex in a episode theater.” But that babe says she often initiates sex and is turned-on by the idea of people watching her.

“My dream is to have sex with two chaps,” this babe said. “I’m one step closer to that now.”

JMac was wonderful enough to screw Mariah from behind. We say worthy enough because doggie-style is what gets her off most nice, and we wager you’d get off, too, with such a worthwhile view of her caramel can and puckered arsehole. Mariah’s second-favorite sex act is receiving oral-service.

“If a boy goes down on me, I will be very giving in return. Make me cum with your tongue and I am all yours.”

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View Her Cum

View Her Cum

Watch Her Cum

In the intro to this clip we must know Emily. She’s a bubbly 19-year-old originally from Utah and now living in Las Vegas, Nevada. That babe says she loves sex and thought porn would be a worthy way to gain experience.

“I at no time had also much experience with boys. This is the consummate opportunity to really learn and explore sex adore I wanna.”

Emily is clearly a go-getter. In her 1st scene, we viewed her bonk an mature stud. In this scene, she’s exploring her own body and showing u how she plays with herself when she’s alone.

“I masturbate daily.” this babe said. “I love to set up my phone and record it. It’s a colossal turn on for me to be observed.”

U can see that Emily is turned on in this movie scene knowing that you are at home watching her. And we’re sure you are just as turned on as she’s.

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SaRenna In Blue Jean

SaRenna In Blue Jean

SaRenna In Blue Jean

Miss SaRenna Lee doesn’t often do the carefree look in her photo discharges. Her persona calls for high elegance, so the cow-girl outfit was a definite change of pace. No one complained. Hell, you could put SaRenna in a potato sack and we’d all adore it! In fact, some members loved this set so much, they begged us to get it up again. Almost certainly they’re now getting it up and getting off checking out our blue jean honey!

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Anal Spunk pie

Anal Ball cream pie

Anal Creampie

Klaudia Kelly might look love a nice gal, but this sex freak is a bad cutie throughout and through. U know the sort; u cant take her home to meet your parents but u can take her to the motel to meet your meat. And when Klaudia meets our dude Johnny’s meat she’s more than happy to engulf it and copulate it in true bad hotty style.

Klaudia unleashes her freak skills on his pole, giving him a sloppy and loud oral job in advance of taking his shlong for a test drive. And how does a bad hotty finish off a porn skirt chaser? By letting him shoot a stream of baby batter into her asshole, that is how.

This big-assed white playgirl is a gal pie who can’t live out of anal man cream pies, and we hi that.

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Maria tells us about herself and shags herself

Maria tells us about herself and shags herself

This movie scene widens with 60-year-old wife, Mama and grandmother Maria Fawndeli telling us all about herself. She’s such a precious, enjoyable woman. Then Maria takes off her suit and shows us how she can’t live without to shag her vagina with a dildo. She’s such a hot female, too, and she likes to cum. She cums unbending in this scene.

For these of u who like to fast-forward past the interviews and to the hot stuff (and we do recommend that u see the interview eventually; getting to know these sweethearts makes them so much hotter), here are some of the highlights:

That babe and her spouse of 21 years are swinging married couples. “We’ve experimented together. We have learned a lot jointly in 21 years. We’ve explored tons of different varieties of sex. One of our things was, ‘Don’t knock it until you have tried it.’

“One of the things I would love to try is playing dress-up, and I would adore to be a graduate from high-school who acquires together with another first-year student and takes on the graduating class. I have at no time done a train. I have not at all done more than 3 bucks at a time, so I’d like to try that. Kind of like a group-sex, but respectful. You take breaks in-between. U enjoy it. You slow down instead of just one after some other.”

She is a van driver.

“One time, at the fuel stop, I was flashing and my partner was taking photos and we were savouring that. Right in the fuel aisle! I got my naked ass out in my short little skirt and my high heels. I drive in heels with a short petticoat, most of the time out of any underclothing. I one time did a little striptease in the truck yard with my briefs pulled down as I cleaned the windshield, bent over and standing on the truck engine. Bent over and having enjoyment.”

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Mountains In The Mountains

Mountains In The Mountains

Mountains In The Mountains

An early photo-shoot of Dusty lensed in Palm Springs, California in 1991. It’s a unique shoot by SCORE’s standards coz of the location: the desert instead of the beach (where Dusty would later discharge many memorable Boob Cruise pictorials). “I savour lying in the sun and usually acquire a priceless tan line,” Dusty told. “Twice I have gone to tanning booths in advance of going on photo shoots, but there’s smth not quite right about the tan you acquire from a booth. I much prefer the real sun.”

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Hot Tub, Tug and Poontang

Hawt Tub, Tug and Poontang

Hot Tub, Tug and Poontang

Hey, Monica. We take it that you like to get it on in hot tubs?
“Who doesn’t? You’re already half naked when u click this link, and the sexy water and the bubbles make u so relaxed. Your whole body is feeling good in the water, so it makes sense that you’d crave to take it to the next level and have sex. And in advance of I ever even had sex in a sexy tub, I used to put my love tunnel against the water jet in my parents’ sexy tub and cum that way.”

Have you ever given a oral sex below water?
“Yes, I have! It’s a fun thing to try, but not smth I’d wanna do all the time. Obviously u can’t breathe so u can merely suck it for so lengthy.”

What else do u adore about fucking in a sexy tub?
“I like being soaked, and I love the way my body gets all slippery when it’s pressed against a boy. It is just different than doing it in a ottoman, u know? I also really love to receive sloppy facial cumshots, and being near a tub or shower helps with the clean up.”

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Titanic Wobblers of Switzerland

Titanic Mangos of Switzerland

Giant Billibongs of Switzerland

Marissa Kert lives in Switzerland and was referred to our team in Prague. This babe needs a 38J-cup undergarment, always wears one and generally has an elementary time buying ’em in London.

Marissa likes cross-country skiing. Other than that, she’s not a sports fan at all. She travels a great deal and loves to go to the opera and visit art galleries. And she enjoys reading. She is also interested in pottering about in the garden but hasn’t identified the time for it.

Marissa doesn’t suit to unveil off her humongous mangos. That babe receives looked at wherever that babe goes in any case. She describes herself as a “fetish lady” with also many to list.

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