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Bound To Be Gagged

Fastened To Be Gagged

Bound To Be Gagged

Someone’s fastened Posche Dali’s ankles and wrists and poked a ball-gag in her throat. That dude enjoys Porsche writhing on the daybed feeble then releases her so that babe can cum for him while that chap watches.

Porsche loves to stay on the boob radar screens. “If anybody emails me I always try to email them back and let ’em know what’s going on in my life and what I’m doing professionally and let ’em know what to look forward to.”

Porsche’s love melons sprouted early. “I did not know what was going on, but it ended up being very stressful for me cuz obviously I was blooming in advance of everyone else. I got plenty of teasing when I was young. People would say that I was stuffing my beneath garment and things like that. And I just couldn’t say, ‘No, they’re real!’ and flaunt ’em off.”

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Take 2

Take TWO

Take 2

Lives: Jacksonville, Florida; Occupation: Scholar; Age: Twenty; Born: July 7; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 97 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: Hipsters; Anal: Savour it; BJs: Completely gulp; Diddle: A lot.

We posted a different picture set of Chloe yesterday. That babe brought her husband in for a tryout. Well, we thought they were worthy, but we couldn’t make up our minds about whether or not they were ready for the big time. We asked ’em to come back and to take our directions more seriously.

Take a close view the one and the other of the sets and watch if you can notice the difference. We think that Chloe gives sexier looks in this set, and she seems to be less nervous, which is always a fine thing when you are rogering on-camera.

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Meet Codi Vore in this introductory episode interview, a outstanding, handsome, 21-year-old stacked golden-haired living in Las Vegas. Codi is a cam beauty and her customers told her about SCORE. It had to be a natural fit. Codi has K-cups and we all love K-cups.

“I am a webcam gal and a movie maker, so I do amateur porn, basically, love all the time, but this is my 1st time shooting professionally,” Codi said. “My flat mate Tegan Trex is a web digi camera adult model, and she had lots of joy with it. I was not sure what I wanted to do, and I identified that it was plenty of pleasure. I’m very raunchy. I savour performing. I enjoy theater, and I just wanted to do something that I could have lots of pleasure with, and this turned out to be a indeed good route to go.”

Besides camming, which allows the world to view her do her thing, Codi keeps busy. “I’m a swimmer and scuba diver, and I’ve enjoyment everything in the water. I play table-top role play games, check out Netflix, go to parties and have adventures. I would like to learn to sail so hopefully I’ll get around to doing that pretty soon!”

Now about her name Vore.

“I’m a vorarephile, which is where my stage name comes from. For years I was masturbating to vore before I even knew what I was doing. But beyond that, I adore nearly any kind of humiliation, objectification or slave-like submission. I do not truly have pleasure pain sexually. but I like the idea of being someone’s property, locked-up and used merely for joy.”

Vorarephilia is a fringe fetish in which a person is sexually aroused by the fantasy of anybody swallowing ’em entire or swallowing one more person. A vorarephile will get horny by the fantasy or artwork, and sometimes role-playing, of being devoured by a king-size snake or a giantess or titanic swallowing a person. (The episode Little Shop of Horrors about a human-eating plant is a vore fantasy.) If they’re indeed into it, they’ll build a bigger than standard plush toy creature to play out this fantasy. Codi is the 1st SCORE Beauty ever to get off on this fetish and talk about it.

“In general, I love servitude and edging. I can promise u that you do not crave me to describe the scenarios that I masturbate to.”

As for the population of SCORELAND, a dish with big boobies and a glamorous pussy love Codi is basically all that is needed for the spank bank.

We look forward to more Codi Vore. U could just eat her up!

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An Impressive Body of Work

An Outstanding Body of Work

An Amazing Body of Work

That babe has an breathtaking body and can rock an outfit adore nobody’s business. That is why Giselle urges to become a glamour model. But u should likewise know that no one can rock a dick the way she does, and that is why we think she should just acquire in nature’s garb and bonk on screen. That babe showed up to this try-out and we figured we’d just wait and watch what happened. That babe wanted to be able, but Giselle just can’t contain the concupiscent hoochie inside of her. With sex skills as precious as hers, it was bound to happen. While glamour modeling a dress that babe unziped it to brandish off what she’s hiding underneath: a slender waist and perky, little bra-busters. What modeling audition? Now Giselle is here to bonk. Her body is magnificant, and so are her pecker mouthing skills. She deep throats a big wang love a champ, and takes it just as unfathomable in her fur pie, likewise.

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Stacked Workin’ Sista

Full-bosomed Workin’ Sista

Busty Workin' Sista

Driving around, JT brags about his latest erotic exploits. His buddy CJ acquires an earful and admits that that gent doesn’t get any vagina. JT won’t stand for this outrage and demands that his ally let him treat him to a angel for 15 minutes.

They spot Miss Stacy Adams on her turf looking to befriend lost studs and provide ’em with her disciplined, accustomed consultation.

Stacy and her recent boyfriends head to a trysting area so they can discuss CJ’s issues in detail. She gives CJ some head which gets JT worked up so the one and the other boyz initiate rogering her. They take turns screwing her throat and whore-cunt in as many poses as this kind, alluring woman will grant ’em for their dollars.

Stacy jerks their schlongs off, splattering her large swarthy scoops as a farewell gesture ‘cuz this babe actually has a heart of gold. Her benevolence and kindness are a lesson for us all.

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Getting to know the newbie

Getting to know the newbie

Getting to know the newbie

It’s interview time with first-timer Sasha Bell, who’s Fourty two years aged and lives in Arizona (she’s originally from Recent Jersey). Sasha is divorced. This babe has 2 kids. In this interview, she tells us she is plan to medical school, where almost any of the students are a lot younger than her. That babe is had sex with a couple of them.

“It’s surprising how a 22-year-old doesn’t care how aged u are,” this babe said. “They see experience, and there’s no attachments cuz no 22-year-old guy craves attachments, which is perfectly wonderful with me ‘coz I do not wanna raise some other child! It’s just pleasure and it is free.”

Wise 22-year-olds. That’s why they’re in medical school. But why is Sasha shooting her first porn scenes?

“I workout actually rock hard and I lost plenty of weight and feel wonderful about myself and wanna share that with everyone,” this babe told. “I heard some friends talk about it and figured I would give it a discharged.”

Those allies would be shocked to watch her here. After all, there is a large difference betwixt talking about it and indeed doing it.

Numerous more things about Sasha: This babe enjoys soccer. That babe likes to crochet. This babe desires to tour around the world. She can’t live out of to be spoiled by studs. We don’t blame her. This babe merits to be treated adore a queen. This babe is not a swinger. She is not a nudist. But that babe is sexually confident (“I’ll acquire impatient sometimes and make the first move,” this babe told) and a bit of an exhibitionist.

When the interview ends, Sasha displays off her body and plays with herself. It is the first time she’s ever cum on-camera. Savour. She sure did.

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Poolside Interview

Pool side Interview

Poolside Interview

What was your high school experience love, Jayden?

I played a ton of sports and was exceedingly social. I was always getting into bother!

What kind of bother?

Well, I adore to wear very revealing shirts. I love very tight and short skirts. I loved getting the attention of all of the boyz. I completely consider myself an exhibitionist, and one time I got caught sucking my boyfriend’s knob in the middle of the football field after we thought everyone had gone home for the day. Oops!

Where else have you done it in public?

I do it all the time. I’ve fucked inside of stores, dressing rooms, on balconies etc….

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Anal Skype cuckold

Anal Skype cuckold

Anal Skype cuckold

Cammille Austin, a 58-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother from Arkansas, gets on Skype (or Facetime or whatever she’s using), calls her boyfriend and invites him to see her fuck 2 total strangers. She’s bored. She’s wearing hawt underware. Her boyfriend is used to this kind of thing cuz he viewed her rogered eight chaps on their wedding night. Yes, it is an odd marriage, and Cammille is an unconventional female.

How weird? This babe has large, fake knockers. That babe has pierced areolas. That babe has a pierced cookie. This babe lets males she barely knows take turns on her cum-hole and cum all over her face.

Almost all vixens back home in Arkansas don’t do this kind of thing.

Cammille is a nurse. Her boyfriend is a surgeon. We asked her what influenced her to make porn clips, and that babe told, “Actually, it was my husband. We just started experimenting in the bedroom. It started with pics, and then we moved on to clips. We would call up some of his friends, and that dude would tape us during the time that we had sex. We really enjoyed it and just kept on doing it.”

And now she is doing it here for our viewing fun. And his. And her fun.

Surprisingly, however, Cammille and her spouse aren’t swingers.

“The rule at our abode is that that lady-killer shares me, but I don’t share him. He’s stuck with me.”

She’s a priceless woman to be stuck with. And a wonderful woman to make sticky.

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Getting Succulent

Getting Succulent

Getting Wet

Youthful, impressive, healthy, bra-busting high school scholar Daria (February 2017 SCORE, March 2017 Voluptuous) gets moist and comes clean. “This is my 1st time stripped modeling,” told Daria, who was the covergirl in one as well as the other mags. Her English is fine enough, not that it matters cuz what Daria and many other gals do transcends mere language differences.

“I enjoy it. It is a recent experience for me and everyone is so fine. I always wanted to glamour model so when I had this opportunity, I made a decision to do this. I’ve just graduated high school so I have the time for this.”

Like many youthful Russian cuties of college age, Daria spends tons of time on physical fitness. She swims, roller skates, exercises, plays volleyball (we’d love to watch that) and enjoys pedaling away on lengthy bike rides in the countryside when the weather is fine. That babe too likes taking long showers as this movie demonstrates. We might be the only men who’ve indeed joined her in the shower.

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Ultimate Chloe

Topmost Chloe

Ultimate Chloe

Tit queen Chloe Vevrier in her XXX hardcore first appearance Supreme Chloe. Chloe’s fans were caught with their trousers down when Chloe finally did XXX after turning down movies for years. It was a damp fantasy cum true for many die-hard fans to indeed watch Chloe get fucked. She took on man-beef with a hunger when that babe and Kathy rogered regular Lothario Matt, Kathy’s hubby. Enormous and standard looking, Matt took a lot of criticism because this chab wasn’t a pro porn woman chaser with a greater than run of the mill shlong. They’re like 2 she-wolves in heat as they feast on his greasy nuts and take his weenie up their cookies. A lot of payloads were first appeared as Chloe ground cock and chewed balls. In her next and last hardcore movie, she acquiesced to a team fuck a real porn actor, Britain’s Tony DeSergio.

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Fondelled The Right Way

Fondelled The Right Way

Rubbed The Right Way

In this upgraded SCORE Theater POV video, busy hands receive to work on Crystal Gunn’s hot dream body. Decked out in hawt lingerie, Crystal looks resplendent. “Don’t you wanna rub greasy oil all over my body and acquire me worthwhile and slick?” she asks. Now that is the ultimate rhetorical question. “Come with me and give me a rubdown!”

Crystal undoes her below garment and lies back. That babe kicks off her slippers for phase one: a foot rubdown by both male and female hands. Then the inner haunches. And, at final, her bigger than typical mellons. “I desire you would rub it in a little harder,” Crystal requests. Areola tweaking goes a lengthy way.

Her worthwhile butt get to not be overlooked so Crystal flips over for a gazoo rub. It appears love each square inch of Crystal’s body has been overspread. We should have opened a rubdown parlor for big breasted hotties.

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Dixie Devereaux Agent 36F

Dixie Devereaux Agent 36F

Dixie Devereaux Agent 36F

36F. That is not the size of the pistol Dixie Devereaux is packing. When the big-boobed spy discovers foreign agent Boris Banganov breaking into her headquarters, she makes the operative cooperative by blowing his pants off and pumping him until this skirt chaser cries U.N.C.L.E. She’s the spy who team-fucked him, the Goddess From J.U.G.S.

Those two licenses to kill hidden under her sweater indeed come in handy for Agent 36F. “I savour by having sex!” Agent 36F admits in her dossier. “At least each other day. And giving blow jobs. Giving blow jobs indeed satisfies me. I like to masturbate, too. I like to flick my large clitoris during the time that I am fondling my pantoons and areolas. I do it all the time.”

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