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Breastfully Clean Devon

Breastfully Clean Devon

Breastfully Clean Devon

First brought to editor John Fox’s attention by her then-boyfriend, Devon Daniels took to modeling just now and loved her brief time in front of the camera. John is still looking for the next Devon.

Even though Devon had been retired from adult modeling for years, it did not prevent Curvacious mag browsers from voting the American brunette Curvy Sex star of the year 1999. Some glamour models make a permanent impact. Devon is one of these gals.

Contributing to the mystique Devon has is the fact that there are few sets and vids of her. Cuz of this scarcity, the magazine and episode buyers aren’t bored with her as they would be with a cutie who’s shot hundreds of pictorials and dozens of episodes. Always leave ’em wanting more is an mature adage, and when a great gal stops adult modeling after a short time, she does leave everyone wanting more.

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Shapely, Thick & Nutted

Voluptuous, Thick & Nutted

Curvy, Thick & Nutted

Lives: Charleston, South Carolina; Occupation: Pro assistant; Age: 20; Born: October 23; Ht: 5’8″ ; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 32D; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Not yet; BJs: I usually spit it on my melons; Masturbate: Frequently.

View this little minx. With her thick a-hole, larger than average, natural mangos and her mischievous smile, you’d be hardpressed to find a more natural fit for non-professional porn, right? Well, looks can be deceiving. “I’m here against all odds,” Athena said us. “My daddy is a pastor and my Mamma is crazy dominant. I grew up super religious and sex was completely taboo in my family!”

Athena told us that she got on birth control merely a miniature in number weeks previous to this babe fucked our buck. “It’s a fresh feeling, having sex out of a cum drum,” this babe explained. “It’s so much more worthy! I love how I can feel each ridge of the guy’s weenie as this dude slips into my pussy. Plus, it’s so much wetter! I had no idea how much precum comes with out a dick during sex.

“I still do not have a lot of experience in the bedroom. I am trying to experiment and view what I do and don’t adore. I’d love to try going down on a cutie. I’m sure I’d be awful, but if it’s as enjoyment as engulfing rod, then I would probably have a blast!”

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SaRenna Spokes Model

SaRenna Spokes Adult model

SaRenna Spokes Model

SaRenna gives the aged expression “a bicycle buff for two” a completely new twist. Especially when you are talking about SaRenna’s twin peaks. We caught SaRenna tooling around in the tropics. The way she handled her bike had us pumping up our internal tube. SaRenna’s very strict about observing the rules of the road, and that babe dresses in bright colors so everybody can watch her. On the other hand, the sight of SaRenna pedaling with no trousers on may cause some traffic congestion. A cutie can actually work up a lather as this babe racks up the miles, so naturally she needs to remove some of those curve-hugging bicycle togs to air out her fleshballoons. Whilst this babe is at it, why not give us the enjoyment of a total flash? SaRenna, you’re always thinking of your fans.

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Tit Attack: The Busty Asian Hooker

Tit Attack: The Big boobed Oriental Hooker

Tit Attack: The Busty Asian Hooker

Minka has enjoyed a long and distinguished nude modeling career, and she’s still going beefy. The October ’14 SCORE magazine celebrated Twenty years of Minka with a cover and a 10-page spread that too looked at her vids including this scene from Tit Attack.

In this scene, the notorious hot-sheet fuck palace called The No-Tell Motel is the setting where Minka provides mega-boobed full service. He’s been cruising with a pocketful of specie when luck strikes. This Lothario sees Minka in a miniature costume on the street out side the motel and is prepared to fall in adore inside the No-Tell’s “Jungle Paradise” room with mirrored ceiling and a vibrating sofa that takes dollars.

During the production of the opening street scene, Minka’s imposing presence was not overlooked by plenty of sexually excited, horn-blasting drivers. Luckily, no one was rear-ended and no hapless pedestrians were run over. This is Miami, after all, city with the worst drivers in The United States of America.

Matt turns out to be a fussy, verbally demanding customer once they acquire busy, and he puts Minka into more unusual and over-the-top screwing positions than she bargained for. Banging the tight muff of a legend inspired him. It’s a real jerk-off porn scene.

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Slight cutie, large bush

Small hotty, bigger in size than run of the mill bush

Occupation: Teacher’s assistant; Age: Twenty seven; Born: November 29; Ht: 5’5″; Wt: 105 pounds; Bras: 32A; Panties: Swimsuit cut; Anal: I haven’t attempted; BJs: Drink; Masturbate: A hardly any times a week.

Meet Alexa, a skinny, marvelous Bush Baby who is showing off her hirsute wet crack on-camera for the first time! She said us that that babe is nervous about having her fotos in public for the entire world to watch.

“This is gripping for me,” she said. “And that’s partly because it makes me nervous and wicked. I have butterflies in my stomach. I can not expect to hear what your browsers think of me. I guess I’m too skinny, and I am unsure if they’ll adore my bush. It’s not exactly standard.

“Whenever I masturbate, I do it in the bathroom. I love the way the warm water hits my clitoris and pulsates against my pink flaps. When I am about to finish, I push the water jet inside myself and imagine a skirt chaser unloading his cum deep inside me.”

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Super-natural Wonders: Eva Berg

Super-natural Wonders: Eva Berg

Super-natural Wonders: Eva Berg

Our mystery lady of the year, if not the decade, is Eva Berg, a quiet brunette hair with a timid smile, who is not one to talk about herself. Eva’s personal philosophy is to walk softly, talk softly, if at all, and wear a humongous undergarment to support her completely heavy love bubbles.

Eva lifts up her blouse to disclose her astonishing mambos encased in a lacey, purple bra. She does a 360-degree turn to view herself in the mirror previous to facing the camera afresh. Rubbing and jiggling her boobies in her bra, Eva does the large disclose at 3:40 into this movie, and a BIG disclose it’s.

Eva dangles ’em, the digi camera in close, pulls off her top and shakes and rubs her gigantic flesh-pillows. Then that babe unhooks her hooter-holster so this babe can clap her stupendous jugs jointly and tweak her innies. This is a female that Mama nature made for breast purists.

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Not Home Alone

Not Home Alone

Not Home Alone

Kelsey’s parents aren’t home, but that doesn’t mean she’s home alone. Her older hubby comes over for a screw. But they’ve gotta hurry before Kelsey’s parents get back, so they get right down to it.

Kelsey passionately swallows his meat-thermometer as this chab holds her hair back. Her cheek bulges as his fuck hammer fills her mouth. And while he’s over, the boyfriend might as well keep her muff company by rogering it and making it cum. Kelsey’s constricted, little butt has the appearance of a perfectly round peach as this babe bounces it up and down whilst riding her boyfriend’s ramrod. She turns around in reverse cowgirl so we can watch each inch of penetration in her teen fur pie.

You’ll adore her constricted body and petite pointer sisters. And you’ll love the bigger than run of the mill load that covers her face and torso. Her hubby sure does.

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Alby gets DP’d, the episode

Alby receives DP’d, the episode

Alby gets DP'd, the video

Alby Daor, a slender wife and Mom, climbs into bed wearing miniature, pink underware. There’re two boys in the couch with her, and they can’t believe how great her body is. This babe is showing off her butt because that is where that babe wishes to be screwed. It is a preview of things to cum.

“I have those two youthful dudes, and this is my 1st Dual Penetration on-camera,” Alby says.

And then that babe receives right to the act ‘cuz that’s what she is here for. Not to have a conversation. Not to tell us all about herself. To screw. To get DP’d by two youthful, hung porn guys, one darksome, one white. They do her right, and when they can’t hold back any longer, they give Alby’s face a nice glazing. And we mean precious. By the time this scene is over, cum is dripping off Alby’s beautiful face.

We asked Alby what that babe does to make her stud happy, and this babe told, “I do everything I can for him at all times and do whatsoever this buck asks of me, no matter what or where. This chab has tutored me well, and I am rewarded by him fulfilling all of my urges.”

Love, for example, allowing her to come to 40SomethingMag.com and get DP’d…while he watches, by the way. This isn’t truly a cuckold scene cuz we not at all see or hear Alby’s hubby, but this chab was there, sitting only a diminutive in number feet away.

We asked Alby what that babe would do if time were frozen for Twenty four hours, and that babe said, “I would spent it in my corporalist suite with my ladies man, drinking champagne, eating strawberrys, chocolate and pizza and having a 24-hour sex session. I would give multiple blow jobs and large O as many times as possible.”

This babe doesn’t need time to be frozen to do that.

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Sha Rizel Brings Her Perfect Swimsuit Body Back To The Beach

Sha Rizel Brings Her Consummate Swimsuit Body Back To The Beach

Sha Rizel is the kind of cutie that other angels gravitate to. She has a leadership style that inspires confidence. Codi Vore was in awe of Sha, the first model Codi met when she arrived. In a way, Sha became the den Mom of the group, keeping an eye on the other girls, as concerned for their well-being and comfort as the employees was. The SCORE studio manager spoken about Sha’s interest in the day-to-day happenings and the people that babe spent a week with.

“Sha was the mamma of the group, always looking after the other angels. One morning, Alexya seemed to have gone missing, so Sha came to my room and said, ‘Alexya didn’t come home last night!’ Alexya is very free-spirited, but that babe had, really, come home that night. That babe was sleeping in Daria’s room, but Sha was so concerned.”

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A big, black knob for DayLynn’s ass

A big, black weenie for DayLynn's ass

In her second hardcore scene at 50PlusMILFs.com–her second hardcore scene ever–51-year-old DayLynn Thomas acquires what this babe came here for: a larger than average, black jock up her taut booty.

We asked DayLynn if that babe is into anal-copulation, and that babe told, “That is a very interesting question as I’ve not at all done anal with anyone furthermore Taskmaster, and I always tell him no, but he takes what he wishes, and in the long run, I love it.”

“Master,” meaning the smooth operator that babe calls her “black bull slavemaster.”

“Master,” as in not her husband. Yep, she’s married, but the boy she’s screwing on a regular basis–the lad who tells her what to do and when to do it–is not her partner. He’s, as we told, her black bull master. Or Darksome Bull Dom, as she put it on her adult model info sheet.

By the way, this chab came along and viewed during the time that King Noire, who’s likewise a bit of a dom who can’t live out of to take out of asking, plundered DayLynn’s mouth, wet crack and rectal hole and came in her wazoo.

DayLynn was born in Indiana and raised in Kentucky. That babe lives in Fort Myers, Florida on the Gulf Coast of Florida. She’s only 5’1″, which means this babe is facile to toss around in the sack, and this babe likes to spend her free time “kayaking the back bays of Florida and gardening.”

But this babe spends plenty of her time with Darksome Bull Master’s meat-thermometer.

“My Slavemaster had mentioned 50PlusMILFs to me and thought I should give it a try,” this babe said. “Otherwise, I not at any time would have done this out of his encouragement.”

Did that babe ask her husband for his blessing? No screwing way!

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Hawt & Smart

Hot & Smart

Sexy & Smart

Nikki Smith on: Casual sex.

“There’s a time and a place for it I guess. If I’m gonna have free and simple sex with anybody then it’s going to strictly be casual sex. I do not wanna have sex also in a short time with somebody I am interested in dating. I just need some no-strings-attached meat-thermometer, and sometimes that works. But usually if I am interested in a relationship I take it a little slower.”

Nikki Smith on: Go out with.

“Surprisingly enough, when it comes to go out with I’m a little aged fashioned. I don’t usually kiss on a 1st date. I definitely do not have sex on a 1st date. I truly solely choose to have private sex with a boyfriend if I feel adore the relationship is intend to last for a little while.

“Not everybody who takes me out to dinner is gonna get laid. I think that is the monumental thing. And I just love to relish. I like to do random things. I think a pleasure date is gonna the batting cages or gonna have frozen yogurt. And having sex in the parking lot afterward! Of course that’s after I must that point with anybody.”

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Big Boobs & Tiny Bubbles

Large Milk shakes & Petite Bubbles

Big Fullsome funbags & Slight Bubbles

Kaho Shibuya might be wearing her sexiest bikini. U be the judge. Kaho has a priceless sense of humor. When this babe walks to the bathroom for a swim costume bubble bathroom, she pretends her bigger in size than average mambos get her stuck in the doorway.

SCORELAND: So Kaho, do u have any humorous habits?

Kaho: I have a really bad habit of biting my nails when I am mentally focused with out being physically mobile, adore writing and studying.

SCORELAND: Where do u buy your bras?

Kaho: Merely at two lingerie shops in Tokyo, a cute and cheaper place and a glamorous and expensive place. I can not find my size anywhere else.

SCORELAND: How do u test a undergarment previous to you buy?

Kaho: I always try them on and ask for a shop clerk’s opinion as well.

SCORELAND: What is something about u that surprises people the almost any when you tell them?

Kaho: That I used to work as a newspaper reporter.

SCORELAND: Do you adore playing sports?

Kaho: Yes, I played table tennis in high-school. I have also trained in Mixed Martial Arts: grappling, jiu-jitsu and kick-boxing.

SCORELAND: What superpower would you like to have for one day?

Kaho: I urge to be invisible and have invisible sex.

SCORELAND: Then we couldn’t see u. If you can select any word or sentence printed on a shirt, what would it be?

Kaho: Probably not a sentence, ‘coz it is difficult to read words on a shirt when that’s worn by a big-breasted woman! Maybe Oppai. That means mangos in Japanese.

SCORELAND: Always a joy, Kaho Shibuya.

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